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Recent Reviews

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Road Tire
4 rating
by Yaknski
Cycling Enthusiast
Usk, WA
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This is what I use, Pros and cons...

I run this tire as a tubeless and get about 3000 miles on chip and seal roads.The rear tire (~2600-2800 miles) wears faster than the front (3200 miles). I like the weight, traction, cornering charcateristics. I don't like that they seem to be prone to gets tears, lacerations, and small chunks out of the rubber, and wear rather quickly. From what I understand, these are the racing version of the GP5000 lineup (vs the AT-S version. The AT-S version is .33# heavier per pair, but have thicker rubber/wear longer). These are easy to mount and seal on my Hunt 44/54 wheelset. For me, it's a balance of weight vs performance/longevity. I'm running the 28mm, which has been great for smoothing the chip n' seal roads I encounter, and much better when descending than a 25mm IME. I like the way they grip the road. They seem faster when new. While they aren't perfect, I think they hit the balance between weight and performance. They are speedy, but I buy 2-4 tires at a time when they're on sale, so I always have at least one spare in the shop. Western Bike Works has these on sale quite a bit, and are quick to ship them. The 28's were out of stock for awhile this summer at just about all retailers (premium price/in stock on Amazon though).

Reviewed 11/2/2023
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Vittoria Corsa Control G2.0 TLR Road Tire
5 rating
by Michigander
Cycling Enthusiast
Ann Arbor
Wanted something I could count on

I bought a set of these for a trip you Europe. I wanted a tubeless set up, so I could ride without worry of punctures out on roads; ones I might not be overly familiar with. I was able to seat the front with a regular hand pump on the 1st try, but the rear did not want to seat. I took it to the LBS, and two mechanics struggled with is for 25 32 minutes, but in the end, they did get it to seat -- perhaps an issue with my Mavic rim. After 700 miles in three weeks, climbing the likes of the Giau and Stelvio, plus riding a GF Il Lombardia, the tires have worked flawlessly. They are not the lightest tubeless setup, but they do a nice job of gripping on the hairpin corners. Overall,, a solid value from WBW.

Reviewed 10/8/2023
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Continental Grand Prix 5000 Road Tire
5 rating
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Portland, OR
Quality tire at a great price

I'm a road cyclist that wants a tire that rolls fast and has good grip--the Continental Grand Prix 5000 hits the mark. They might not have the best puncture protection, but that's to be expected from a tire that's lightweight and has low rolling resistance.

Reviewed 10/3/2023
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Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Road Tire
5 rating
by Lastostrogoth
Cycling Enthusiast
Bonney Lake, WA
Tubeless is the way to go!

After a series of flat tires, 5 or six flats over a 6 month period, an extremely unusual experience for me, I chose to tubeless. I rode the same routes where I had repeatedly flatted w/o a problem. I have ridden these tires about 1800 miles since installing them and had only one flat, a week after I installed. Beyond being far less prone to flatting, they were noticeably faster than my tubed GP 5000s. They also corner noticeably better, and, at the same time, have to same wonderful road feel I expect from GP tires. I have been using Continental tires for more than 40 years. These are, by far, the best I have ever used. The wear dimples are still showing after 1800 miles of chip seal rides, so they look like they will last well into the 3000 mile range. Tubeless systems do require rims specifically designed for the purpose, and a pump capable of delivering an initial burst of air sufficient to set the bead of the tire before it can be inflated. It is much easier than I anticipated, and having done it, I will never go back. Continental, as I said, is my go to first choice, and they have never disappointed me.

Reviewed 9/8/2023
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