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by A-A-Ron
Cycling Enthusiast
Ann Arbor, MI
Strong, sturdy bike stand, but could use a couple improvements

It would nice to have leg locks (for open and close position) so it can moved without the legs flopping around. I often only have to move it a few inches since I have a small workshop, but the legs are a problem. I put Velcro straps around them to hold them in place. I may drill holes and add bolts. Also when storing the stand, the legs are not cooperative; I have to Velcro them shut. The vertical adjustment isn't very smooth. I had an older, much cheaper stand that had a smoother vertical adjustment (may be due to the rougher texture paint on this one). I bought this stand for the durability, sturdy base, and clamping head. I knew the legs may be a pain, but could fix those.

Reviewed 10/4/2020
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by Yaknski Pedal
Cycling Enthusiast
Usk, WA
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Works great!

This is my first repair stand. I had limited funds and limited space to store it. This stand fit both criteria. It folds up quicklyeasily for storage. It's stable when setup. It is well built. The jaws of the vise don't marr my bikes. Very happy with this stand, and it's so much better to do work (cleaning, chain maintenance, repairs) on my bike with it, rather than trying to stand the bike up. Ordering it from Western Bike Works was easy and I received it in 2 days. Great price, great communication. I love the stand and Western Bike Works.

Reviewed 11/7/2019
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by Jay Fromkin
Post Falls, Idaho
Pleasure to Use

When I started cycling in 1990, I took a maintenance course at my LBS. Ball bearings, quill stems, downtube shifters, steel frames. I bought a Park PC1 works and that was fine at the time. Now, at age 66, I decided to get an adjustable stand that could securely hold my Scott carbon frame. After doing some online research, bought this stand from Western Bikeworks. Competitive pricing, free shipping, no sales tax. Light, easy to store, easy to use. A bit of an issue with the front fork mount, but that's a function of the Addict fork dropout design. No longer have to jam the top tube into the stand jaws without clamping the carbon tube, only to have it wiggle loose. Love the adjustability of this stand.

Reviewed 7/17/2017
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by rheld68
Casual Cyclist
Sutherlin, OR
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Great Stand!

I'm new to the cycling world, so I have no previous experience with work stands, but I found it to be very stable, easy to use and setup. My wife and I have Specialized Diverge and Dolce road bikes with aluminum frames. Will need to store it flat, or propped up in a corner as it's a little top heavy (can fall over when leaning against a wall) I toiled over review after review of various stands on the market, and seriously considered going with less expensive options, but I have zero regrets with this purchase.

Reviewed 6/4/2015
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