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Recent Reviews

45Nrth Dillinger 5 Studded 60 TPI 26" Fat Bike Tire (Tan)
5 rating
by Clymmer
Chicagoland, IL
Built for traction and stability

Tires came promptly from Western Bike Works. Great service. These studded tires are amazing on ice...solidly secure grip is a huge confidence booster for winter riding. By definition, studded tires are going to be relatively heavy and significantly more expensive compared to non-studded tires. That said, 1) it's cheaper than a hip replacement or shoulder surgery that could result from an icy fall and 2) heavy and durable is much better than light and dainty in snowy/wintery conditions.

I was not able to take these tubeless on my HED Big Alloy Deal (BAD) rims. (These rims took my Schwalbe Jumbo Jims as tubeless instantly, for comparison.). I am running them tubed for this winter and notice the extra weight of the studs and tubes...but I call those #FitnessOpportunities and just appreciate being able to ride in the winter with nearly no fear at all. The only place where falls can happen are if there's a loose layer of slush or snow on top of the ice. If the studs can't get to the ice to dig in, then you can still fall/slip. That said, once you know this, it's pretty easy to read the road/trail to avoid or adjust to that situation as needed. If it's solid ice (like on a lake or something), ride on...because it's awesome!

I love the gumwall look on my 9Zero7 Tundra fat bike. So much fun!

Reviewed 3/2/2021
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Kenda K40 Street 26 Inch Cruiser Tire (590)
5 rating
by Samiam
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful.
The Raleigh rides again!

Pulled my Dad's old Raleigh out of the garage last month. Tires looked like they had leprosy they were so dry-rotted, bummer. Luckily these replacements were cheap and easy from Western Bikeworks. Now I have a working town bike to go get that growler refilled. The black sidewalls are nice, stay looking clean. Pro tip if you are fixing up an old bike like I was, just go ahead and replace the tubes AND the rubber rim-strips (covers the spoke heads) cuz they are going to be rotten too when you get in there.

Reviewed 2/9/2017
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45Nrth Xerxes Studded Bike Tire
5 rating
by Dick
Daily Commuter
Portland, OR
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Yeah, I made it to work, whats you excuse?

I will ride through any weather condition, but ice always sketched me out. No more, I got studded tires! It was pretty funny when the last ice-storm shut down Portland. I was the only one in my office to make it in and I rode my bike!

Reviewed 2/9/2017
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Schwalbe Winter Tire 700c (HS 396)
5 rating
by jerry!
Daily Commuter
Burlington, VT
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Great tire for winter bike commuting!

These tires have been great! I commute to work everyday in northern Vermont, where weather can vary from day to day. These tire have served me well during snowy rides and the nutty thaw freeze cycles of VT.

Reviewed 1/12/2017
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