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by Biker for life
Cycling Enthusiast
I've tried others this one beats them all

Save your money on cheaper bags that claim to be water proof, they aren't, only Ortlieb will keep your stuff dry and preform like it says it will. Truly the gold standard. Amazing product!

Reviewed 9/25/2019
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by Jellyfish10
Cycling Enthusiast
spacious bag but problems with tire hitting

First off the medium beg holds a surprising amount of gear. I loaded it up for a trial run on my rear suspension bike, and there I found the limitation. With medium sized bumps and suspension travel, the rear tire hits the bottom of the bag and would likely rub a hole in the bag. I'm planning on taking it on a 200 mile hut to hut trip in two weeks, and now not sure. I tried raising my seat, which helped a little, but the problem persists. Can anyone recommend how to improve upon this?

Reviewed 6/17/2019
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by John
Long Island,New York
360 mile test

Got this bag for a six day Erie Canalway bike trip and it was great. At first I had this thing packed to the brim and it swayed as I rode. I even had It drooping down and hitting my rear wheel at times. This was the first bag of this type Ive ever used however so I pretty much didnt know what I was doing. I quickly became a pro as my trip progressed though. Theres a right and efficient way to pack this thing up as well as how to tighten the straps up. Once you get it the bag is great. Ive read one or two negative reviews online about the swaying issue but Id imagine theyre coming from people who havent used it enough. Again its a great bag. Cant wait to use it on my next journey.

Reviewed 5/29/2019
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by Bruce
Ontario Canada
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Excellent saddle pack

The Apidura saddle pack is very well contructed with high quality materials, excellent fastening system and it looks good too. Easily carries several tops, shorts and essentials for a multi-day Inn to Inn trip. It even has room for a small narrow thermos! My pack is a size small. I like its versatility to roll down small

(though it looks a tad sloppy when folded small) it's surprising how volumous it is when expanded, plus the top bungies can hold down my pair of sandals or vest. When loaded, I notice the bike remains stable and not out of balance. The loaded bag moves minimally. I opted for the non waterproof version. If any contents need to be waterproof, simply wrap in a plastic bag. Apidura makes high quality gear that is practical.

Reviewed 8/7/2017
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