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by Giant Gravel Rider
Cycling Enthusiast
Langley, BC
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Great Pedals for Gravel Riding!

Bought the Shimano XTR PD-9120 trail pedals, for a gravel bike I bought last year. Took some time trying to find the pedals, given limited quantities available. Referred to these pedals by a fellow rider, who has a previous year model. Wanted a solid shoe-pedal interface, to go with the MTB shoes I also purchased from WBW's at same time I bought the pedals. Also wear a size 11 (Euro 45), so was very important for a very stable platform pedal that offered easy clip in, clip out, but at the same time, a good size stable platform to generate power through the pedals to the drivetrain. Also, wanted a pedal that I could easily clip in, clip out of, for varied trail terrain. Paid a bit more money for these pedals - however, based on reviews, these should offer longer term durability and ease of use, for lots of trail rides to come.

Reviewed 4/9/2021
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by TeeArgh
Cycling Enthusiast
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Great saddle

Like all saddles, each one, and its relationship with any individual backside is totally subjective. I've been through a fair handful of saddles for the gravel bike, ultimately landing here with the Selle Novus Boost Gravel Tech. I've not been on any centuries or close yet, but have done a few 30-40 mile rides along with plenty of shorter adventures. It's comfortable, and on the longer rides I've done, have gone a long way in helping me eliminate that dreaded perineal numbness. Whether that holds true on really long rides is kinda beyond what I was hoping for anyway, so it's helped out in one major area I was hoping this would help with. The padding isn't overdone, but with a chamois, it does the trick. The seat is light enough and balances form and function really well. My only semi hangup is how short it is. Great if getting rowdy and not wanting the seat to hang up, but it does provide a slightly more limited surface area to move around on when wanting to shift to get comfortable on long climbs, or the like. That said, it has been easy to overlook considering all else it brings to my table. Big fan.

Reviewed 3/29/2021
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by Anonymous
Casual Cyclist
Timeless Classic Quality

My first full sized bike in the 1960s (I am a dinosaur) had a Brooks Flyer Saddle, and every bike since until the 1990s when alternate synthetic saddles surfaced. I tried the one that came with my full suspension Gary Fisher Sugar 3+ for about 10 years, then decided to switch back to a Brooks Flyer when the saddle developed a rough spot after I took a digger. There was no comparison and no switching back. Even on a full suspension top of the line mountain bike, I could tell the difference. You can also buff damage off of leather, something you can't do on a synthetic saddle. I now regret using the other saddle for so long.

Lesson learned, I just put one on my new Trek Farley fat bike, and I actually read and still remember the simple directions that came with this new saddle. Brooks mentions a break in period, after which comfort improves. I have not noticed this. The Brooks Flyer Saddle improved my ride the day I put it on, and 1000 miles later, I can't tell the difference between new and broken in. Maybe you just can't improve the quality of a Brooks Flyer right out of the box. Maybe I truly am just a hard ass.

Reviewed 3/6/2021
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by Dan
Cycling Enthusiast
Lima, Peru
The best cleats if you ever need to walk

I bought these for a new pair of road shoes, but I've been using them since 2017. They provide good traction, clip in well and last a long time. I still haven't worn out my first pair. I even use these with Favero Assioma power meter pedals with no problems. I use the black cleats with zero float.

Reviewed 1/11/2021
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