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Recent Reviews

Crank Bros Multi-5 Tool
5 rating
by Grout
Cycling Enthusiast
Southern Ontario Canada
All you need

I purchased this to carry road riding . It covers the basics , is inexpensive and very compact . At 85 grams it�s not feather light but appears very good quality .

Reviewed 10/28/2022
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Wolf Tooth Components Pack Pliers Master Link Combo
5 rating
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
Perfect size, fit neatly in a saddlebag

These are just short enough to fit neatly into my saddlebag, unlike the other master link pliers I looked at. And very light. Have yet to break a chain on the road, must test them at home next time I wear out a chain.

A trick: slide a short piece of old tube over it (28-32mm size fits snugly onto this tool). This will keep it closed and so eliminate any possibility of losing your spare master links, and if you cut the piece long enough the end will keep the "teeth" at the business end of the tool from poking through other items (spare tubes?) in your saddlebag.

Reviewed 4/19/2022
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Pedros Tire Levers
5 rating
by Justin
Best Tire Lever!

FYI - this is the single best tire lever I have ever used on difficult tubeless situations. Very inexpensive, and they just don't break! When working on a particularly difficult tire bead that I just couldn't get over the rim on my rather wide Enve 3.4 AR's, I broke one of those two piece levers that articulate against the opposite side wall to give you more leverage. I didn't know what to do and gave up for a few minutes. Then after giving my hands a rest I grabbed my Pedro's yellow lever I carry in my saddle bag, and bam! I thought it was going to snap with how much force I put on it, but it held strong and did the job. This lever is the champ!

Reviewed 10/7/2021
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Crank Bros Speedier Tire Lever
4 rating
by Robbie Hewitt
Casual Cyclist
Smyrna, Georgia
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Good tool

This tool is easier to use than others due to it's larger handle. i should have bought another one.

Reviewed 5/9/2020
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