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by Tee
Not quite what I'd hoped for. A pricey gamble.

Coming from a great pair of fizik gravel shoes, I wanted a knit shoe as I have a hammer toe which rubs raw on longer rides. Was hoping the combo of a stiff sole and knit upper would do the trick. These shoes are STIFF as one might imagine having carbon soles, but I've had them for a few months and ridden probably about 4-500 miles in them and I�m really struggling to get them where I want them. Still having my feet fall asleep and the knit is not nearly as pliant as I�d hoped it to be. They are solid, and will probably end up as my MTB shoes. I have been packing them with newspaper to try and pack them out a bit in the front of the shoe. The foot bed seems shaped in a way that my feet (ball) hurt after a ride with my fancy orthotic inserts I use for riding. Seems like there is some type of ergonomic shaping that doesn't fit my foot well. For short rides they've been great. Stiff, solid and great power transfer. For longer rides I�m still not sure about them. Might also have been nice to have two separate adjustments (front of foot and one higher on top to allow for wider feet), especially at this price, but they are what they are.

Reviewed 2/22/2021
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by Chris
It was time...

It's hard to get excited about insoles, so I won't try. It is nice, though, to have the ability to extend the life of your investment in higher end riding shoes with something this simple and important. Tossed the old and dropped in these light weight replacements. Didn't miss a beat. Perfect fit for the size of my shoe. Would highly recommend. After 4000 miles of road, your feet deserve at least a new insole. A lot of miles left in the well made Sidi shoes.

Reviewed 2/8/2021
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by icmitch77
A little bit of awesomeness

So, after years of riding with cold wet feet I decided to give the Shimano MW501 a try. The first ride out the temperature was at 22 degrees and wet. With a wool pair of socks these shoes rocked. My feet were warm and dry, which is a first while riding for a long time. I used to put the bike up for the winter but not anymore.


Waterproof, a thin layer of flannel type of material, with wool socks they will keep ur feet warm, grippy, sturdy, made to last


Price (but you get what you pay for) and they run a size big (I wear a 13 so I ordered my typical 48, had to return them for a 47).

Bottom line. GET THEM if you are tired of cold wet feet.

Reviewed 1/23/2021
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by DeputyDaveS
Orefield, Pa.
Had the same brand, Sidi

For over 15 years and they worked well. I bought these expecting the same. Boy was i wrong. quality increased considerably. I were these with just one thin neoprene cover for 20-30deg 2 hour rides with no cold feeling at all. With old sidi i had to wear a thick neoprene bot cover with a thin neoprene cover over that. Yes that's what i used 2 do. It sucked. Now,since proven i mt use 2 boot covers until it hits zero degrees. So yes technology has improved considerably. NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS. THEY DO NOT MAKE "MEGA" SIZES why i dont know. They say they make the boots a little wider for thick socks but that doesn't compensate for wide feet. No never. So after 30 miles on the rode i cant wait 2 get these boots off. They literally pinch my feet together. both sides of both feet ache extremely aftet every ride,simply because they will not make "Mega" sizes. I have to use extensions on my Keo clip peddles to compensate for two layers of neoprene boot covers anyway so i don't understand why they won't make extra wide boots ,(for fear they will rub the crank arms).

Either way u look at these boots they just aren't wide enough. And they haven't changed that concept for over 20 years. WAKE UP SIDI ! We love u but listen to our customers and make these boots in the same "MEGA" sizes as your summer shoes. (just for the sake of saying so,i have 2 pair of mega shoes and they r perfect).

Reviewed 12/21/2020
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