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Recent Reviews

Portland Design Works Poncho Fenders
5 rating
by Greg M.
Cycling Enthusiast
Eureka, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
Solid Fenders, No Rattling

These replace another brand I had on a bike I use for all weather conditions. The previous brand was noisy due to a lot of vibration and movement while riding. When the front fender broke from the vibration, I nearly replaced the fenders with the same brand. I'm so glad I switched to Portland Design Works fenders. They were easy to install and absolutely silent on the road. I removed the rear mud flap to make the bike easier to maneuver on its rear wheel when wheeling it to and from the garage. Very happy with my purchase.

Reviewed 6/12/2023
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Portland Design Works Full Metal 700c Fenders
5 rating
by Anonymous
Seattle area
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.
Very well designed

Installation was a breeze. Have about 400 miles using them and there are no issues or any noise. Oh yeah, they work great as fenders. I bike in the rain in the Seattle area. I�ve used SKS before and like these better.

Reviewed 2/9/2023
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Kryptonite New York STD U-Lock
5 rating
by Col. Walter E. Kurtz, Ret.
Western PA
Impressively Strong

Purchased this for my wife's Specialized Como e-bike because it offers far better protection than the Kryptonite cable lock she was using. A surprisingly large lock makes it easy to properly secure to immovable objects. Lock mechanism is incredibly solid when engaged. Mounting to some frames may be an issue due to weight/size as was the case for my wife's small framed bike so I ended up carrying it in a small knapsack. I feel the sturdiness / ruggedness of this lock definitely would encourage bike thieves to find an easier target.

Reviewed 12/5/2022
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Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
4 rating
by Anonymous
Western PA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.
Tuff Lil' Mudduh!

I had to go to a 5.5" Kryptonite lock as opposed the 7 inch version in order to fit the bracket and lock within my bike frame. While a 7" will give you a bit more wriggle room to lock your cycle to a secure object, the 5.5" functions very well. I have had no problems securing my bike properly with this smaller version.

Lock is very solidly constructed, weight is reasonable and lock mechanism makes for a very tight, secure fit. No lock is entirely fullproof, but this one most definitely requires some extra effort to defeat...enough to encourage a would be thief to move on to easier targets.

Reviewed 12/1/2022
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