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Recent Reviews
by WilliamLarieux
Daily Commuter
Amazing bag

This is the best built commuting bag I have ever used.

Reviewed 2/13/2019
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by Gene Kriegsmann
Cycling Enthusiast
Bonney Lake WA
The best saddle bag I have found

For years I carried two extra tubes in the back pocket of my jersey. Recently I decided that I wanted that pocket for other uses, and ordered a saddle bag from Silca. That one turned out to be difficult to use. I looked at Western Bikeworks catalog and found this one. When it arrived I found it very easy to attach to the bike, large enough to hold two tubes, either sized for my road bike (25MM) or my gravel bike (32MM). I could also fit two CO2 cartridges and a patch kit in the the bag. I quickly realized it was well worth it to have one for each bike and bought a second one. It fits snugly under my Specialized Power seat, has reflective material on the back (you can't have too much of that!), and has been very easy to use when I have gotten flats on the road and needed to get to my extra tubes or to put the damaged on inside. It has a excellent zipper system, it totally waterproof, and pretty unobtrusive when secured below the seat. It is exactly what I wanted in a saddle bag.

Reviewed 12/24/2018
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by Alan
Portland, Oregon
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Another nice fender from SKS.

SKS makes some really well thought out products. This is one of them. This front fender is designed for bikes that may not take a large, permanently affixed fender. It attaches quickly, and allows for a wide range of adjustment. It is not a full coverage fender, but it will help keep the spray off your pants and shoes. I put this on my single speed so I could continue riding it in the winter.

Reviewed 12/17/2018
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by isoprene
Cycling Enthusiast
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Solid construction and easy set-up

There are a few good detailed reviews of the H2 on the net (such as GPLama's) so I won't bother with the details.

I spent a lot of time trying to choose between the Tacx Neo and the H2. Most reviewers mention the Tacx is quieter and maybe it is but I don't find the H2 all that noisy. I'm training in the garage anyway so it doesn't matter. While there is a bit of belt noise it's never that loud unless doing a max sprint effort.

What won me over in the various reviews was the solidity of the H2. It is rock-solid where the Tacx Neo appears to flex a bit. This is a very sturdy unit (lift with your legs when you're moving it around your pain cave!) I'm a larger rider and I don't notice any movement even when sprinting.

It works great with my two main control methods Garmin Edge 1000 (to ride a loaded GPX file) or Zwift on a PC with Garmin ANT stick. Out of the box, after spinning on a cassette and plugging it in, the H2 synced up with both systems easily and instantly. The only catch I found was that it may get confused and attempt a Bluetooth connection when Zwift Companion is simultaneously running on my phone. Just disable that option in the Zwift app and you're good to go.

Resistance works exactly like it should with no sudden changes in load unless you're working with a GPX file that's got noisy elevation data, for example.

One minor thing that I couldn't find mentioned before purchase is that the H2's freehub has a 1.85mm spacer included so you don't have to buy that separately.

If there's anything negative it would be the front wheel tray. It doesn't raise the wheel up enough for me (I prefer to be slightly elevated from level) and moves around a bit when riding. After the first ride I went back to my method of putting a thick textbook under the wheel.

Reviewed 11/26/2018
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