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by TeeArgh
Cycling Enthusiast
Great bottle, but harder to clean

I've had two of these with one dedicated to mixes and another for just water. After about 9 months, and cleaning after each ride, the water bottle is still rocking like the first time out. The mix bottle is nearly impossible to fully clean and try as I might, I cannot get the gunk out from the deepest parts of the internal nozzle from the underside. Not a huge deal, but if you use any mix, especially if you ride off road where those mixes will have dirt sticking to the nozzle, etc, they are trickier to keep clean. Outside of that, they're solid and I wouldn't hesitate buying these again, and may just need to re-buy every 6 months or so for my dedicated "mix" bottle. I've not had an issue (as others have stated) with fitting or having these "ejected" from bottle cages as that seems far more an issue with cages, not bottles. These fit standard bottle cages (all that I use on my various bikes) well and aren't difficult to seat, nor do they fly out over rough terrain, of which they've seen a lot.

Reviewed 9/16/2021
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by paul
Cycling Enthusiast
fairview heights, il.
Ultimate snack for intense sporting activities - Will almost

Even with my bottomless stomach, especially with vigorous exercises, one waffle cookie will satisfy me through the routines, especially on the way back from a distant bike or jog loop. I have a huge appetite and feel hungry all the time especially upon strenuous exertion. I guess if I was to have a full meal w/ plenty of liquids (and pickle juice), that would be the ultimate. But we all know full meal would later weigh down and hinder the performance; therefore, Honey Stingers are the happiest medium to reduce the Bonk.

Wild Berry and Chocolate Stinger compliment the taste-buds just as well. As a matter of fact I go biking as an excuse to scarf down on those wafer-like cookies (j/j). Buying the Stingers in bulk (box of 12 and etc.) are ideal.

Reviewed 9/9/2021
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by redneckroadie
Cycling Enthusiast
Will work but too small

I agree with the reviews that complain about the pack shifting or even coming open during a ride. I had this problem for the first couple of weeks. I finally figured out that I needed to pack it with the bare minimum--two CO2 cartridges with one connected to nozzle, one tube (700cx28), one Parktool tire lever, one Parktool GP-2 patch kit, one Parktool I-Beam mini tool. Arrange all contents into roll as flatly as possible. Fold roll loosely so that the both side of the velcro strap line up exactly. When securing to seat rails, ensure that the velcro strap and the padding used for the BOA wire are pressed together. The friction between the two surfaces is key to keeping roll fixed in place when riding. Once I figured this out, I had no problems but feel Silca should have given these instructions rather than learning through trial and error. This should make sense if you give it a try.

Reviewed 9/7/2021
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by Makapu''u Masher
Cycling Enthusiast
Apply directly to skin, not to chamois!!

I think this is the best chamois lube out there!! I live & ride in Hawaii, so every ride is a sweat fest exraordinaire!! Works best if you apply directly to skin I find, it will dry in the time it takes to walk from the bathroom sink to wherever you put your bibs on. Truly fantastic! I was a big Body Glide Cycle fan before I found this. Give it a try, may not be for everyone, but works really well for me. Not a fan of gooey chamois creams.

Reviewed 9/3/2021
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