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Recent Reviews

B and W International Bike Box II
by wpw
Cycling Enthusiast
Palos Verdes, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
It worked great for me

First, I am not a gearhead; I'm an older female who is not good at this stuff. I had a lot of trouble getting the wheels installed when i got the box, and trouble figuring out how to pack the bike - I did a trial pack before my trip. Once figured out, my 56 frame Trek packed fine, arrived fine in both directions. In one direction, TSA did not figure out how to close the box correctly, as other reviewers have noted, but they strapped it up tight and nothing was harmed. Extremely easy to wheel around the airport - and even get up on shuttle buses. I don't expect to use it often, so didn't want to spend a lot; this box gets the job done, is easy to travel with, and protects the bike.

Reviewed 11/6/2023
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Mad Alchemy Cold Weather Madness Embrocation
by Lotek7
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
Athletes don't retire because of their muscles they retire because of their joints.

As a former Yin yoga instructor I know the ligaments, tendons and joints are the "coldest" parts of the body meaning they have the least blood flow. Embrocation pre warms these structures even before you turn the pedals. This is a gentle introduction to embrocation compared to others I have used. I don't notice the heat for hours after a ride which is sometimes uncomfortable. This product also does not have and overpowering smell. This does a good job of warming and protecting those knees. I have also used it on my shoulders before rowing. Do be careful not to get the stuff in your eyes wash your hands thoroughly after applying. The same is true for any other sensitive areas. I put my bib tights on keeping them just below my knees. Chamois cream first and do not keep the jars next to each other please. Then rub a small amount on from just below the knee joint to just slightly above. I might dab a small amount on the outer side of each quad (think IT band) on very cold mornings. Pull up the bibs and go wash your hands. I am a big embrocation fan.

Reviewed 11/4/2023
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Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Hitch Rack
by Bikingjbolk
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
Hitch 'Em Up~!

Such an elegant and super light weight rack. Tired of hefting rigs up top the SUV after a long day of riding and or too dirty to toss in the back of the SUV after graveling, entering this awesome lightweight solution. Lightest in its class, minimalist does not block or obstruct, at least my, rear camera. Super light to lug to rig, means on and off far more likely than its heavier brethren. And miles saved in MPG from no longer having the top rack and no longer a worry about the car wash... so many wins in such a simple package.

Reviewed 10/29/2023
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Kuat NV Access Bike Ramp
by gdfoley
Portland, OR area
Sturdy, but should be able to store on rack

I bought this to aid in placing two ebikes on a Kuat NV 2.0 hitch rack. The ramp is well made, adjustable, and sturdy in even the most extended position. It accommodates a 2.25" tire easily.

The installation of the brackets that hold the ramp to the hitch could be easier if a proper tool was provided. The wrench provided to unscrew and screw back in the four retaining bolts into their recessed cavity was a long, painful process.

The other thing that could be improved would be for Kuat to design the ramp so that it could be stored on the rack itself instead of separately.

Reviewed 10/28/2023
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