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Recent Reviews

Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner
5 rating
by Lotek7
Cycling Enthusiast
I wanted a cleaner with no harsh chemical solvents.

This cleaner effectively removed grit and road grime without the toxic chemical smells you find with so many other products. I don't clean my bike as often as I should but when I used this product I had a very clean bike without a lot of brushing and scrubbing. Good stuff.

Reviewed 9/8/2023
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Silca Super Secret Chain Lube
5 rating
by jsquare
Cycling Enthusiast
Brenham, TX
Best non-hot wax lube, does not attract grime as some say

I can only surmise those saying their chain gets dirtier with this lube are not doing proper prep and application. When done correctly with a new chain, maintenance if so easy and the drive train function is excellent. After each ride, wipe down the chain, chain rings and give the cassette a quick pass with a rag. I get roughly 200 - 250 miles then reapply, usually when i wash my bike. I use Silca brake and drive train cleaner on the chain, rings, cassette, pulley wheels, brakes. That gets the drive train sparkling while leaving the wax lube in place. I then reapply as per the Silca video (largest cassette cog, big chain ring, applying at apex of rear cog when at max separation), leave it overnight, and good to go. Super quiet and smooth. There will be some splatter at first until you get it down as to the application -- one drop per pin, run the chain through your fingers, let it completely dry). If there is any, it wipes off easily. Used in combo with new chain stripping/cleaning, initial soak, then wipe/wash and reapply, and you are golden.

Reviewed 9/7/2023
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Muc-Off Claw Brush
4 rating
by fyiguy
Cycling Enthusiast
NorCal, CA
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Brush it Off...

Great brush for getting into the nicks and crannies of your bike after a heavy day of "dirt farming". If you forgot to pack the gaps in your frame with expandable foam this claw / brush is great for cleaning your bike in spaces where water might not do as great a job. It has 3 brushes for cleaning the chain, cassette and sprocket and an integrated scraper for cleaning derailleur pulleys/jockey wheel that always seem to get mucked up. Recommend wearing gloves when using.

Reviewed 12/5/2022
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Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner
5 rating
by Pat

The best drivetrain degreaser I�ve ever used and I�ve been at it for about 50 years.

Reviewed 9/1/2022
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