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Recent Reviews

Lezyne Pressure Over Drive with ABS1 Pro
5 rating
by PNW Gravel
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA
Perfect for tubeless!

Bought this primarily for tubeless set up and it works great! It will only thread onto a valve core, so for tubeless just remove the valve core and hold the head onto the valve stem, flip the switch, and it will seat first try. I did four tubeless tires within 10 minutes without any issues. Because you do need to build pressure in the chamber before using it as a regular pump, I still use a different cheap floor pump for regularly topping tires up. Though it only takes a few extra pumps if you want to use this as a "normal" pump too.

Reviewed 3/28/2024
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Lezyne Rap II 19 CO2 Multi Tool
5 rating
by TR
Cycling Enthusiast
Spokane, WA
Everything you need

I�ve now bought 3 of these for all the bikes�. The CO2 inflator is worth the price of admission alone, and not having to carry a bulkier, poorer performing, more expensive inflator is just awesome. It�s not the lightest, but considering that you�d likely be carrying a more minimal multi tool and inflator, it�s a wash unless you don�t need a chain tool, spoke wrench or rotor truing tool, which may be surplus for most days and unnecessary, until they aren�t. The quick link magnet is also just a brilliant addition that goes unnoticed until you need it.

Reviewed 2/27/2024
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Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive With ABS1 Pro
5 rating
by Gitano
Cycling Enthusiast
Bonney Lake, WA
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It made it all sooooo Easy!

I actually took my bike to the wheel builder who made my custom rims to have my first set of tubeless tires mounted on my bike. Two weeks after that I picked up a nail about 25 yards from my private road after riding a 50 mile loop. It penetrated the tire and the rim, so the tire went flat. I walked the remaining distance to my house. When I got inside I tried to pump the tire up, but the hole in tape and rim made that impossible. I had to do what I most dreaded, take the tire off the rim and tape over the hole. I did that with my heart in my thoat thinking I was going to have to drive to the wheel builder and have him do the repair. Before I re-added the sealant I decided to inflate the tire first to insure all was done correctly and that the tire would hold the air. I pumped up the reservoir, attached the pump to the tire, and dropped the release lever. The tire inflated, the bead set with a series of pops that sounded like an car tire inflating in a tire shop, and the air stayed. I knew it would leak without sealant around the bead, but I waited for about an hour to be sure it could hold air, that the hole was properly covered by the added rim tape. Once I was sure, I let the air out, broke the seal and added sealant to the tire. Then I, once again, recharged the reservoir, and heard that lovely sound of the bead resealing on the rim. I haven't been out since then, so the bike has sat on my workstand for three days. There was the normal amount of air loss that one expects with tubeless tires, but nothing beyond that. My confidence in being able to maintain my tires myself from now on has been built. The pump is amazing. Worth every penny. It was easy, pumping the reservoir up to 130 PSI was also easy. I love this pump and consider it an absolute essential if you run tubeless tires. I plan to buy one for my son.

Reviewed 6/24/2023
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Lezyne Pocket Organizer
4 rating
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles, CA
Cycling accessories and optimized to neatly fit in a jersey pocket

Nicely designed, It�s constructed from a durable nylon fabric and secured with a highly water-resistant zipper. The zipper seems stiff at first use.

Reviewed 11/11/2022
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