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Gift Guide 2020 - Electronics

Give The Gift Of Fresh Rubber

Buying gifts for cyclists can be so easy that it's hard — we need so many things to keep our rigs going that our holiday wishlists are endless. But there is something we always need: TIRES.

There is nothing better than the feel of fresh grip, or the reliability of a new, puncture proof tread. They seem so simple, but tires can transform a bike. We've selected our favorite tires from our top categories to help you find the right match for the cyclist in your life.

Schwalbe G-ONE RS Gravel Tire

For the dirt road racer. This Unbound-winning tire is made for leaving your competition in the literal dust. Indulge their competitive streak and supercharge their gravel rig.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT Road Tire

For clock crushers. If your loved one's whip looks more like a spaceship than a bike, this is the tire for them. There's simply nothing faster and lighter when you're fighting for every second in a time trial or triathlon.

Maxxis Rambler Gravel Tire

For explorers. Ramble out your front door, to the end of the road, and beyond. Santa recommends these for the restless soul in your life with dreams of getting lost (on purpose).

Maxxis Ikon 29 Inch MTB Tire

For the trail lover. The Holidays can breeze by so fast. And so can the MTBer in your life on a pair of trusty Ikons. Give them the gift of wind on their face all year long.

A. Dugast Typhoon Tubular Cyclocross Tire

For the CX connoisseur. Go all-out for your all-out cyclocross racer. An A. Dugast handmade tubular under the tree is a "wow" waiting to happen.

Continental Gatorskin Tires

For roadies with flatties. Nobody likes flats. But not everyone wants to sacrifice speed for security. Gatorkins won't win any races but they can keep up and keep your tubes intact. The gold standard in flat protection.

45Nrth Dillinger 5 Studded Fat Bike Tire

For biking vikings. Folks who bike in the snow are a hardy bunch. Make their white Christmas an opportunity to shred with this fat bike tire for sub-zero fun.

Michelin Protek 700c Tire

For the no-nonsense roller. Some people just want to ride their bike. Get them a set-it-and-forget-it tire at a great value with no frills, no flats, and no fuss.

Pirelli Cinturato Gravel Tires

For the family that gravels together. Since their launch the Cinturato Gravel H and M have been flying off the shelves. But now our favorite twins have some new siblings: the RC, and S, designed for racing and soft/muddy conditions. Pirelli has a gravel tire for everyone.

Vittoria Corsa N.EXT Tubeless Road Tire

For those tired of tire turnover. Fast tires don't last long. It's a drag. But with a few tweaks to their Tour de France winning Corsa, Vittoria's N.EXT is changing that. Put a tubeless-ready tire with Nylon in their stocking.

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