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Tire Size Chart


Conventional Size


635mm 28x1 1/2, 700B Commonly used in Asia and the Netherlands for utility bicycles.
630mm 27 x anything Older road bikes.
622mm 700C, 29inch Modern road and cyclocross bikes, hybrids, 29" mountain bikes.
599mm 26x1.25, 26x1.375 Very old US lightweight bicycles.
597mm 26x1 1/4, 26x1 3/8 (S-6) Older British bikes, Schwinn lightweight bikes from the 60s and 70s.
590mm 26x1 3/8 (EA3), 650A 3-sp department store bikes, children's 10sp bikes, Italian high performance bikes for smaller riders.
587mm 700D Unusual size once used on some GT bikes.
584mm 650B, 26x1 1/2 Some newer cyclocross and mountain bikes, some Raleigh and Schwinn mountain bikes, French utility and touring bikes.
571mm 26x1, 26x1 3/4, 650C Old Schwinn cruiser bikes. 650C size used for modern high performance road bikes for smaller riders and triathlon bikes.
559mm 26x1.0 to 26x2.5 Most modern mountain bikes and cruisers
547mm 24x1 1/8, 24x1 3/8 (S-5) British and Schwinn children's bikes
540mm 24x1 1/8, 24x1 3/8 (E5), 600A Commonly used on wheelchairs. Also used on British children's bikes.
520mm 24x1, 24x1 1/8 Used for front wheel on some Terry bicycles
507mm 24x1.5 to 24x2.5 Children's mountain bikes and cruisers
490mm 550A European children's road bikes
457mm 22x1.75 to 22x2.125 Children's bikes
451mm 20x1 1/8, 20x1 1/4, 20x1 3/8 Some recumbent bikes, children's lightweight bikes and some BMX bikes.
440mm 500A European children's bikes and folding bikes
419mm 20x1 3/4 Schwinn children's bikes
406mm 20x1.5 to 20x2.25 Most BMX bikes, some recumbents
390mm 450A European children's bikes
369mm 17x1 1/4 Alex Moulton bikes
355mm 18x1.5 to 18x2.125 Used on Birdy folding bike made by Burley
349mm 16x1 3/8 Original Moulton bikes from the 60s
340mm 400A European children's bikes
317mm 16x1 3/4 Schwinn children's bikes
305mm 16x1.75 to 16x2.125 Some recumbents, children's bikes, trailers
203mm 12 1/2 x anything Scooters, children's bikes
152mm 10x2 Wheelchair tire
137mm 8x1 1/4 Wheelchair tire