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How To Wash Cycling Apparel

High-end cycling clothing is always worth the investment, and today's technical fabrics are better than ever. Fabrics with features like compression, SPF, Lycra, and mesh give you the most comfortable fit, mile after mile. Proper care and washing of your kit ensures that these specialty materials will perform well under pressure. Care requirements may vary by manufacturer, but here's our tried and true recipe for keeping your kit in top condition.

If your clothing is extremely dirty or muddy, a pre-rinse in the sink or with a hose will remove large clumps of dirt and debris so that your cleaning product can get to work effectively. Zip up zippers and close up fasteners before washing, so that delicate fabrics don't snag. Turn your shorts inside out, so that the chamois gets a thorough and even cleaning. Placing articles of clothing in mesh bag for washing delicates is a good idea- it'll minimize tugging and friction on clothing and protect mesh areas from getting caught on something. Try to avoid washing your tech garments with other clothing

While you're at it, choose a cycle that'll be as gentle as possible on your kit: the delicate cycle on your washing machine paired with a cool or lukewarm temperature will help garment fibers retain color and elasticity. Most fabrics are machine washable, but avoid fabric softener since it interferes with the natural or technical coatings of the fabric. Tech wash uses biodegradable or antibacterial formulas to remove odor-causing molecules and can help waterproof or water-resistant fabric retain its properties.

Once your wash cycle is complete, hang dry your clothing (chamois side out). It's best to avoid the dryer, but if you must, only use low heat and for a short amount of time. Remember, no fabric softener sheets! These tips should keep your kit in top condition for years to come.

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