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by aharmon
Cycling Enthusiast
Duluth MN
Bought As An Indulgence

Bought these to do a century ride based on GCN and other's suggestion that latex tubes do make a difference. My anecdotal experience - with the caveat that it could be all in my head - is that they do! Ride does seem seem a bit more compliant/comfortable. Quality appears to be excellent. Worth giving them a try!

Reviewed 9/15/2020
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by Aaron
Cycling Enthusiast
Lincoln, NoPlaceLikeNebraska
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What a bicycle product should be

This thing is like functional art, just what bicycle or bicycle product should be. I almost can't wait for a flat to get to use it. Silca made it common sense, smaller than its competitors, and easy to use. Perfect.

Reviewed 5/9/2020
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by Anonymous
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Pricey and not up to expectations

Had the original silca frame pump eons ago that had the campy metal head w two prongs coated in rubber as well as a pump w plastic head. The current version is like the latter and my top tube was sized for a large pump.

I found the head of the pump slid down the head tube no matter the orientation of the pump. This was within a minute of riding required. I called Silca support. No suggestion other than go one size up but...the new pump may not compress enough to fit the top tube. Of course that is what happened.

I don't think such an expensive product ought to have this issue. Bike is classic geometry.

I stuck on some handlebar gel at the junctions and the issue is fixed. I would have sourced an old campy head but pictures didn't show it would fit the pump.

Have not tried the pump but expect it to be good like in the olden days.

Reviewed 6/12/2016
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by Djd828
Louisville, KY
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Wow! Much better than anticipated.

I stumbled upon this tool set while researching other parts for a bike I am currently building. When I looked at the price, I laughed...really $XXX. I started looking at the pictures in more detail and became fixated. It only took 24-48 hours for me to lose the little self control that I had left and a decent Black Friday Western Bike sale to pull the trigger on this purchase. Buyer's remorse quickly settled in. Then I received the tool set. The first thing that struck me when lifting the cardboard shipping box from my front porch was how heavy the box was...surely they had shipped 2 or 3 sets by mistake, I thought. I opened the packaged and removed the beechwood storage box and immediately knew I was in for something special. I opened the wooden box and was astounded by what was inside. The quality of the tool set is simply the point where I would rather put them on display rather than use them. Yes,they are that good and I don't even think about the Benjamin they cost me. I heard that a gentlemen from Indiana purchased the Silca brand from the previous Italian owner. I'd like to take the 90 minute drive up I-65 to Indianapolis to shake his hand and tell him, great job! Of course now I want one of everything Silca makes...especially that Richard Sachs floor pump.

Reviewed 12/3/2015
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