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Love the virror. Don't have the SLIGHTEST idea how to mount it on my new helmet.
by Dice
Casual Cyclist
Diamond Bar, CA
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I used this mirror for at least 6 years, maybe 8. I broke one or two, but it was definitely worth replacing with the same. In order to mount it on my old helmet, I shaved a little bit of the styro off to give me a FLAT surface for mounting.

The new helmet just doesn't have enough styro to meet the diameter of the mount. I sure wish it did. I LOVE this mirror.

I have a very creative mind Upon occasion, from having moved the little mirror around and re-angling it and doing so again & again so many times, it would be loose and not stay in position. I did not want to use glue, as then I wouldn't be able to adjust it any more at all. So...how did I solve the problem? I thought about it, and it became so easy! Take some nail polish and put a single coat on the ball of the mirror. Wait for at least 5-15 minutes, or until you know that it's completely dry, and snap it back into the socket. You now have a nice secure mirror which is going to stay in place! In fact, for a slight period of time, it is actually going to be a bit tight to move around..which is a PLUS. Also, after a while, if the base comes off, you can re-secure it with super glue. I did, and it worked well.

If anybody has the slightest idea how I can mount this mirror where there isn't very much styro on the side, and the way the vents are, also with almost NO flat surface space for mounting it, does anyone have any suggestions? I thought about possibly mounting it on the visor. Have to re-evaluate that.

I just got my newest bike and helmet 3 days ago. Wow!! Never had a bike so great, carbon frame and all, so light! Haven't ridden for 2 years as I was in a hit 'n' run and ended up in a bunch of pieces! Retired because of age, but more because I really couldn't return & do my usual...cooking, not cheffing..big difference.

If anybody has some suggestions for mounting the mirror, please send it my way.

Reviewed 2/28/2012
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Cycling Enthusiast
Foothills, CA
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Fell apart on me on a ride. Pay a bit more money and get a good one. Where I ride it is important to see rear traffic approaching. This mirror, when it stayed on the helmet was OK. I think there may be better mirrors available.

Reviewed 1/16/2012
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Excellent safety item, helps you anticipate traffic much more easily. Pops off if you don't want it.
by DailyCommuter
Cycling Enthusiast
Bay Area, CA
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I've been using one of these mirrors on pretty much every ride I do for over 2 years.

You can't tell from the picture, but there are three major pieces in the mirror assembly - the mirror and plastic holder, which has a little ball on the end, a flexible arm with a socket on one end for the mirror and a socket on the other, and the helmet mount. The helmet mount is attached to your helmet with double sided tape. The arm pops off of the helmet mount with ease. You can also rotate the arm along one axis while it is in the mount, and you can rotate the mirror itself in any direction.

What does this mean? If you are riding along and the sun is suddenly directly behind you in the mirror, you can just rotate the arm at it's base, and the mirror (and sun, or whatever) is no longer blinding you. You can adjust the mirror itself while riding, but it is a bit tricky to get right until you've gotten used to it.

At first it does take a bit of adaptation to use the mirror effectively (I suspect this applies to any helmet mirror), but once you get used to it and have it positioned in the right placeat the right angle, it works extremely well. If I've been doing a lot of bike riding, and I'm just walking around doing something later near a road, I might actually feel confused that I can't see behind me. Once you are used to having it, being without it is like driving without mirrors. Who would do that?

Because I have this mirror, I can very fluidly move in and out of traffic when I need to avoid an obstacle blocking the bike lane, when I need to find a gap in traffic to move to the left to turn, etc. It's also helpful when waiting at an intersection for the light to change. If I see a car coming up behind me in my mirror, I can get out of the way to allow them to turn right. When riding along I can see if there is a car behind me waiting to turn right and move to the left to give it room. I can see if there is a big truck coming up behind me. Basically, I don't have to look over my shoulder very much, and I know what is going on behind me a lot better than someone who would have to look over their shoulder to see anything.

I used it when riding along the freeway with a large group of other riders as part of a charity ride. This allowed me to warn the other people around me when there was a vehicle about to pass us, so that they could be prepared for the gust of wind and not be startled.

It also comes in handy in a pinch. Once I got a bug in my eye when I was riding. I popped off my helmet mirror and used it to look at my eye, allowing me to easily pull out the bug. You can also use it to fix your helmet hair before that important meeting (or hot date?).

Some people think these look geeky. If you get a chan

Reviewed 2/23/2011
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