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Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

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Review by Jason Pepin

Great bag
by Jason Pepin
ann arbor

This thing is necessary for me. I am into gravel riding and the food stops are few and far in-between. This can hold a sandwich, phone, paydays, phone battery and room for a little more. Highly recommended.

Reviewed 9/21/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Awesome little bag
by Anonymous

I used this bag on a two week bike touring trip, and it was the perfect size for my phone, wallet, first aid kit, and other essentials I wanted to get to quickly. Now I use it everday, on and off my bike, and I still love it.

It's not 100% waterproof, but I did find it water resistant.

The design is sturdy, functional, and beautiful. Love it!

Reviewed 8/4/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Okay purchase, just not for rougher gravel rides
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Northern Italy
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Used for holding food and an extra tube on long gravel rides.

I don't like the way it attaches to the handle bars. The straps don't stay secure when on rough terrain. I also wish the straps were longer so I could attach it a different way. After several times on one ride where one side or the other came undone, I took the bag off and I've never put it back on again.

Probably would be great for a rode bike but mine is a bit older and the cables prevent the bag from getting in the proper position.

Reviewed 5/3/2021
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Review by Jake

It�s a great size.
by Jake
Chewelah, Wa

I really like this bag. It�s the right size for me. I can fit a rain jacket, tools, and it�s the perfect size for a crowler can!

Stays snug if you fasten the bottom strap really well.

Reviewed 4/27/2023
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Review by Howard

not waterproof, or even resistant, makes it much less usefull
by Howard
Daily Commuter

I was using this to carry snacks for me and power pack for my phone. about the right size for that, and a few other things, like thin gloves and hat. But the fact that it didn't keep rain out was a drag. The handlebar velcro had less than an inch of overlap when fastened around 31.8 handlebars, which made its hold a bit tenuous.

Reviewed 5/21/2020
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Review by Dr. Bob

Heavy overbuilt for small bag
by Dr. Bob
Cycling Enthusiast

This bag is very heavy for a small bag and will be returned.

Reviewed 5/9/2020
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Review by Kamas

Great form and function
by Kamas
Cycling Enthusiast
Ventura County, CA
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Use for longer days on bike. Used on a canceled century when I rode the route anyway - when hauling more food and rain jacket took up jersey pocket. Perfect for gravel bike when carrying larger spares. Fabric is stiff enough for bag to hold it shape. Attachments points are good. Zipper top is interfered with by Garmin mount but not a biggie. Back slip pocket is good for route maps. I cut off the hip belt - it is way over engineered and heavy. Too bad not detachable.

Reviewed 3/23/2020
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