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Review by Jim

A B17 with shocks. I love it!
by Jim
Cycling Enthusiast
St. Petersburg, FL
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Long time B17 fan. I have two on two different bikes. Thought I'd try springs since I'm now over 50. I love it!

Reviewed 6/4/2018
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Review by Looseheadset

Classic Brooks saddle with suspension
by Looseheadset
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This is a saddle that you can ride all day and it only gets more comfortable with time in the saddle. Legendary quality workmanship.

A saddle that you will never think about during the ride...its that comfortable.

Reviewed 2/5/2018
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Review by Dan Ames

Classic product
by Dan Ames
San Francisco
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Finally finished building a touring bike and finished with this. Wish I had started here as it was a lot comfier than my old saddle. Springs definitely add security if you hit a bump or something when you are busy watching traffic. Happy rear end happy life.

Reviewed 1/2/2018
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous
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This seat rocks. I had to play with set up. I found placing it right over the.crank and the ride and comfort is fantastic.

Reviewed 12/21/2017
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Review by Hicook

Best so far
by Hicook
Cycling Enthusiast
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When this seat arrived and I unboxed it I laughed. It was smaller than I had imagined. I thought for sure I'll be sending this one back. Couldn't believe the difference it made in riding experience. Tried many seats and this one hear was the answer for me. Don't Evan used padded shorts anymore.

Reviewed 10/24/2017
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Review by Terrence D. Shistle

My bumm hasn't died but has gone to heaven!
by Terrence D. Shistle
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I live downtown orlando and commute to and from work every day. Only about 1.5 miles each way in a very urban environment. I also like to get out of town almost every weekend and ride the florida wilderness trails along with an occaisional bmx trail or two. I replaced the gell seat that came on my Jamis hudson Sport with the flyer saddle and cant be happier. The Flyer is much more stable while maintaining a tremendous comfort level. The gel seat I replaced was very soft and comfy, but I found my rear was mushing all over the place sliding from side to side. Too much softmess and movement. The Brooks saddle assumes the shape of my bone structure and allows just the right amout of up and down movement while keeping your bumm in placeside to side.

The asthetics of the Brooks saddle is unquestionable. In the short time it's been on my bike I have and numerous compliments and inquiries about it.

I onjly have about 500 miles in the saddle. It is true, I really do find myself forgetting I am sitting on anything. Had a little hesitation about the price...I'm hoping the longevity of this piece will reveal great value down the road.. So far no regrets.

Reviewed 1/22/2013
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Review by Anonymous

Wow!! What a ride.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Abilene, Texas
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I rode a long ride in May (1000 mi.) I had a conventional seat with the gel padding. Along the way I met a fellow rider and he said get a Brooks. I did not think anything would make my butt feel better. But, I did due diligence and decided to go ahead and buy one. I bought the Brooks Flyer. As advertised, there is a break-in period where ya just hate the thing. After about 2 or 3 hundred miles, riding mornings doing 20 milers, I realized that I was not thinking about the seat at all. While on the bike, you can feel the seat flex and move a little with your rocking motion. A little about me I'm 69, 170 lbs, I usually ride in running shorts (no padding). Best investment I have made for the bike.

Reviewed 10/22/2012
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