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Ass Savers Mudder Mini Front Fender

Ass SaversMudder Mini Front Fender(Return to Product Page)

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Review by nsellars98

It's always on the bike!
by nsellars98
Cycling Enthusiast
Northwest Arkansas

This is a neat little fender that works pretty well despite the small size. The fender is super lightweight and really helps to keep any dirt, dust, grime, or muck off the downtube. I don't notice as much spray or debris from the elements sticking to my legs and shoes or coming up into my face. The fender may seem to be too small at first but it tucks in nicely behind the fork and does provide good coverage. I've actually noticed the fender deflect rocks that get spun about from my front tire that otherwise would have hit the crank arms or downtube.

The fender was designed with gravel bikes in mind but it looks like it can be used on a variety of different forks. I bought it for my gravel rig and I've only ever used it for gravel riding, so I cannot attest to how well it fits or works on a road or mountain bike. It's easy to mount on the bike and is easy to clean. Just to be safe, I put clear 3M tape as frame guard around the fork to protect the paint before the first test ride. It's fairly adjustable and stays in place even through some of the roughest gravel. I can't think of anything I would change or don't like about the fender and it does the job.

Anything that will help to keep me, my bike, or my stuff as clean as possible is worth the investment IMHO. This front fender is a perfect complement to any Ass Savers saddle fender and I would definitely recommend it!

Reviewed 12/7/2021
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