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Recent Reviews
by MAK
Cycling Enthusiast
Southern Oregon
Convenient and Awesome

I purchased the clear-to-black photochromic replacement lens to utilize for most of my riding time in the fall/winter/spring of southern Oregon. I love how easily lenses can be replaced in the Oakley Jawbreaker glasses and the photochromic lens covers every base of my riding....sunny, cloudy, foggy, rainy, no matter what the weather this lens provides just the vision I want. This might end up being the only lens I will use year round. While the photochromic change in the color of the lens can never be instantaneous, I never notice the change in lens color...it just happens and it always appears to be just right. I love these lenses and glasses!

Reviewed 10/28/2021
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by matt8urton
Cycling Enthusiast
Vail, CO
Great helmet with great tech features!

I'll start with the very small complaints. I think Oakley could put a little more design and tech into the core foam of the helmet, like what Smith uses. Second, the sweat band takes getting use to. But then... the sweat band is freaking awesome! It totally works keeping out moisture and aiding with glasses fog. The glasses storage on the back is also sick (don't use while heavy DHn though). The visor on the helmet is the best I've ever had. And last but most important (kidding) It's the most stylist helmet on the market and has a nice low profile look.

Reviewed 8/23/2021
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by Flying credenza
Cycling Enthusiast
Omaha, NE
Buying second pair

Top notch "barely there" sunglasses that work well in any condition. It is incredibly light weight, sits on the nose and temple softly, has no frame to obstruct the view....so practically you can forget that you are wearing anything. Except that you see better in rain, shine and shade. I have been abusing my first pair and still works like new. No matter how aero the position, when I look up I never have to look OVER the lens, always through, so no wind and bugs hit my eyes either, which has been an issue with smaller lenses.

Reviewed 7/15/2021
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by Colorado Commuter
Daily Commuter
Boulder, CO
Fast-changing lenses for Radar EV Path are great for varying light conditions

I primarily bought these sunglasses for biking in early mornings with very low light. I want to protect my eyes from bugs, dust, tree branches, etc. so biking without eye protection isn't great. I love the lenses because they change color very fast. I even wear these sunglasses as safety glasses when mowing the lawn and using a string trimmer. My only gripe with these are the arms are very tight to the head, so I can't wear them for extended periods like my other Oakleys. I also wish Oakley made interchangeable lenses.

Reviewed 10/5/2020
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