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Louis Garneau Mens Optimum Mat 2 Tights
5 rating
by Brad
Cycling Enthusiast
North Carolina
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Nice Tights But Very Lightweight

These tights are a bit lighter than I anticipated (I should have done a little more "homework" before I purchased them). Basically what you are getting is a wind barrier for your legs with minimal insulation that comes with having a thin layer of material. I love the pocket, going forward I will not buy shorts/tights without them; pockets are far more useful than you would think on shorts/tights. The material is very stretchy, lightweight and packable so if things warm up you could remove and store them in a jersey pocket. Overall I am glad I have them but I just need something that falls between my deep winter tights and these. I would choose these for temps maybe 45-50 degrees F.

Reviewed 2/14/2022
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Louis Garneau Neo Protect III Shoe Covers
4 rating
by MAK
Cycling Enthusiast
Medford, OR
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Great Booties for MTB Flat Pedals Users.

I purchased these booties to use on my MTB flat pedals because the picture of the bottom of these booties looked as though it could survive the rough pins on my pedals. Indeed, they have preformed admirably after a dozen outings. All other waterproof/winter-proof booties I have owned (many!) have always fallen apart because they are made only for clipless pedals and not MTB flat pedal. These booties are quite tight to get on (I ordered an XL pair for my 46 Shimano flat pedal shoes), but can just stretch enough to work. Clipless type shoes are narrower, so XL would probably fit larger shoe sizes in the clipless variety. The booties them selves work just fine..not totally waterproof on extremely hard rains and longer rides (2-3hr), but nothing I have owned is totally waterproof under such conditions. I gave these a four star rating only because I wish they were a bit larger for the type of shoes I wear. I am very glad that I purchased these booties and would gladly recommend them to any flat pedal, MTB users.

Reviewed 4/1/2021
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Louis Garneau Mens Neo Power Motion Shorts
5 rating
by gwwilliams22
Cycling Enthusiast
Annandale VA
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Great shorts at a reasonable cost

Currently ride for exercise anywhere from 19 to 75 miles. I bought large and they fit me well at 5' 9" 200 lbs. I think these shorts are very fairly priced. These are my favorite shorts that I have bought over the last few years, I ended up buying two pairs.

Reviewed 11/12/2020
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Louis Garneau Womens Neo Power Motion 5.5 Cycling Shorts
5 rating
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
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Great Shorts Great Price

Wife said very comfortable, and she likes the higher tan line. Great for short rides like 30 miles.

Reviewed 10/8/2020
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