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Fizik R5 Artica GTX Road Shoe
5 rating
by Curtissimo
Washington, D.C.
If you ride in the winter, you need winter shoes!

Got these for the really cold days, below 40F. I previously rode with my Bontrager XXX Road Shoes with rain covers. It worked, I wasn't freezing, but I wasn't comfortable either. Switched to these and winter riding is now comfortable even in below freezing conditions.

Fit is good. I�m a 44.5 in Bontrager and it is the same here. Shoe is a bit more narrow, so if you have wide feet, this may not be for you.

I haven't used them long enough to comment on durability. I got them in white (have to match the helmet), so time will tell how the hold up to the winter roads. If they had a HiViz option, I may have opted for that instead considering the short dark days in the Northeast.

Reviewed 6/20/2023
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Fizik Terra Atlas MTB Shoe
4 rating
by Anonymous
Deland, FL
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Really good, but not great

Solid shoe. The cleat position can be set so much further back than my Shimano RX8 or Fizik X2 shoes, so way more adjustable. I wanted more walkability than my RX8 and firmer sole than my X2 and these areexactly what i was looking for. BOA is lower level and rhere is more movement in the heel than I would prefer, but hard to beat for the money. Shoe dries reasonably well but not as good as the X2. Comfy walker. Longestride is 200 miles. Typical ride is about 50... Would buy again. Hope this helps.

Reviewed 11/29/2022
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Fizik Vento Ferox Carbon Shoe
4 rating
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA
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Great shoes for hard riding

Stiff sole and light, snug upper makes them great for riding hard. As such, there are not great if you need to hike a bike or walk outside of the saddle. I noticed the outsole rubber is soft and wears down easily. I'm lucky to have a second pair of shoes for days when I do more walking/hiking, so as long one can use these for what they are designed for, they're great! Wore them for a 11-hour ride yesterday and had no issues besides generic fatigue.

Reviewed 8/29/2022
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Fizik Arione R3 Saddle
3 rating
by Relic
Cycling Enthusiast
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Forever Fizik

I rode with thin Italian saddles for many years and for the last 5 or 6 on an Arione VS which I think has been discontinued. In my quest for replacement I have suffered painfully as I got caught up in the cut-out and width rabbit holes. Coming full circle I decided to try the Arione R3 because it comes in a wider version. Well the padding is much too hard so I am considering the purchase of the original Arione Classic which hopefully has padding equal to the VS. I have come to the conclusion that sit bone width is overrated because with the forward lean on a road bike I don't actually sit solely on my sit bones. The quest continues. I rode approximately 4,500 miles in 2021, am 60 years old and average around 17 mph in a mountainish area.

Reviewed 12/28/2021
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