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by JayT
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
My favorite bars

I have these bars on two bikes, and if I could justify replacing perfectly good bars from other vendors, I'd get them for my other bikes with drop bars. The shape is ideal for me as I don't like too long a reach.

They have just enough flex to do a good job with vibration reduction without feeling too flexy. The clamp areas for the stem and shifters seems to be roughed up enough to prevent slipping without over-torquing. I haven't had any problems with the bars twisting in the stem or with the shifters sliding down which is common with many other bars.

I absolutely love the built in bar-end plugs. These are small rubber caps that are screwed into the ends of the bars. The rubber flips up over the bar tape after you've finished wrapping for a perfect finish. I don't know how many bar-end plugs I've lost over the years, but in the two years I've owned these bars, they've been flawless. I wish all bar manufacturers provided this.

Reviewed 2/3/2017
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by JBH
Competitive Racer
Portland Or.
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Should be better

There are no position markers. As the drops are a constant curve, using a straight edge isn't a useful option.

The curve radius between the tops and hood position is very tight. While this may give you a little more hand room, your cable housing isn't going to like it so much, particularly with two cables on the inside.

The top is slightly flattened, which is nice for hand comfort. The flat area is apparently meant to be placed at a positive angle, which is rather anti-aero. Placing them parallel to the ground puts the end of the drop area past vertical.

The captive bar-end plugs seem an unnecessary gimmick and potential failure mode. You don't get a spare.

They do a good job at vibration damping, but have a good amount of flex, particularly in the drops.

Reviewed 8/27/2015
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