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Recent Reviews

ENVE Aero In-Route Stem
4 rating
by Jason
Another quality component from ENVE

I recently built up a couple bicycles with full internal routing using the Coefficient RR handlebars. There were limited internally routed stems available. I've had several sets of ENVE wheels and forks in the past and have always thought highly of their designs quality control.

PROS: Out of the box this stem looks great! The -7 option worked for one bike while the +12 was a better fit for the other bike. Both stems are comparable in design and filament. They also look great on the bike. The routing design is well thought out and worked very well with the Coefficient bars. I did like how ENVE separated the hose routing into two individual openings. Their tolerances were very tight but easily accommodate one brake cable. Adding a second shift cable would be tight but doable.

CONS: I was very diligent to maintain the same bolt configuration when disassembling these stems. In the build process one bolt was out of sequence and I found it wanted to cross thread easily. You will want to put each bolt back in the factory location when re-installing. Not a difficult task but a touch annoying. The spacers are cheap plastic and look that way. At this price point a higher quality material would be welcomed.

It will be interesting to see if this design holds up as more manufacturers join the internal routing game.

Reviewed 3/14/2024
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ENVE X Selle Italia Boost SLR Saddle
5 rating
by Darren
Los Angeles
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Light & comfy from day one

Saddles are obviously a personal thing. That said, this one is super lightweight and was very comfortable from the first ride. I upgraded from an older Selle Italia San Marco saddle and I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable this one was. My sit bones measure about 95mm and I went with the narrow of the two options. Fits great and feels really good. I have about 500 miles on it now and no complaints.

Reviewed 9/28/2023
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ENVE MELEE & FRAY Aero Seatpost
4 rating
by T. Phillips
Competitive Racer
Eastern NC
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Purchased an Enve Melee after a high speed crash destroyed my S-Works Tarmac. Sz 52, 40cm bars, 100mm stem, built up with SRAM Red AXS with a Quarq power meter. Rolling on Carolina 50mm wheels, Industry 9 hubs and GP 5000 TL 28mm tires. I currently have approximately 400 miles on it both trainer and outside. If I compare it to my Tarmac the geometry is almost exactly the same, matter of fact, the only difference is a 4mm longer top tube and about 150gms heavier.

This thing is stiff...but in the right places. I think that is mostly a function of my going from QR skewers to thru axles. Fully built it's about 1.5lbs heavier than my Tarmac but I went from rim brake 11 speed to disc brake 12 speed and I think that is the main reason. It doesn't feel like it has the same snappiness as my Tarmac did when climbing but all out sprinting and cornering at speed I don't notice a difference.

My only complaint if I had one is that it is only available in one color. I typically build my own bikes because I don't want anyone to have the same bike I do and with only a single paint color that significantly increases the odds I will see another that is at least similar.

Long story short, I don't have any regrets and I am happy with my purchase, would definitely buy it again and recommend the Melee to the serious cyclist!!

Reviewed 1/27/2023
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ENVE SES Tubeless Road Tire
5 rating
by MeeplePerson
Ozark Mountains
Game Changer

I have never been a fan of true road tires. Schwalbe Pro Ones and other low/no tread tires always felt too slippery and did not inspire confidence. Besides that, I have always been afraid of glass or some other roadside refuse ruining a ride when running lightweight tires. These tires were my compromise, and I am so glad I did. They keep good traction, even in wet weather, but have made a major difference in speed. My best guess is I run half-a-tooth of cassette smaller now with the tires. I also have not had any flats since running them, despite a few cringe-worthy run-ins with metal wire and other tire-wreckers. Also worth noting: the tires meet the promise of mating perfectly with SES rims for (questionable) aero benefits. I could not be happier, and will buy again. Definitely recommend for anyone not sold on the ultralight tire craze.

Reviewed 3/24/2022
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