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Bike Fenders

Being located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, the staff here at WesternBikeworks.com have a special relationship with fenders. While Portland is one of the most beautiful cycling cities in America, it also rains hard about eight months out of the year. But not even the nastiest storms keep us off the road. Whether they are for a mountain bike, road bike, or your daily commuter, WesternBikeworks.com has a pair of fenders to keep your wheels rolling through anything.

Road Bike Fenders

Road bikes can be the most difficult bikes to fit with effective fenders, but more and more companies are releasing creative designs made to fit on bike that offer little clearance for fenders and often have no braze-ons or easy attachment points. Fenders made for road bikes attach to seat stays, fork blades, or quick-release skewers for no-hassle installation even on tricky set-ups, and they come in every length from just-long-enough to full coverage. Search our site for road bike fenders to find an option that will work perfectly for your road bike. If you've got enough brake clearance, you may also be able to install more traditional fenders on bikes without braze-ons with the help of p-clamps, which cinch around your seat stays or fork blades and provide convenient attachment points.

High performance road bikes are especially sensitive to the dirt accumulated on wet rides. Fenders are an excellent way to minimize the accumulation of grit on your bike, improving the lifespan of your favorite steed.

Commuter Bike Fenders

Commuter bikes are often the easiest bikes to fit with full fenders. Generally, commuter bikes are designed with fenders in mind and have ample clearance to allow fenders which provide maximum protection. Touring and cyclocross bikes also accommodate full fenders and make excellent commuter bikes.

We've also had good luck equipping our fixed gear road frames with full fenders. Without a rear brake, there's usually space for a full fender to slide through. It might take some tinkering (and maybe some p-clamps), but fixed gear bikes can have great fender set-ups.

Clip-on Fenders

Clip-on fenders are the easiest and most convenient way to keep the rooster tail off your back, especially if you only want or need a fender every once in a while. These options clip to your seat tube and offer more than adequate protection for riding in light rain. They don't provide much protection for your bike, but clip-on fenders protect the rider from the most prominent source of rain-related discomfort: water spray from the rear wheel. Other similar styles strap to your down tube to offer some protection to your feet from water coming off your front tire.

More questions regarding fender selection and compatibility? Get in touch at 1-800-651-4050 or [email protected]. Our entire staff has plenty of experience riding in the rain.