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Recent Reviews

WTB Exposure TCS 700C Allroad Tire
4 rating
by anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Eugene, OR
Solid choice for mixed gravel/tarmac riding

I have these on my Specialized Diverge and mainly ride chip seal and rough forest roads, including some gravel. These are ideal for that application in terms of the balance between durablility (when they're new) and ride quality. They wear pretty well but not amazing. I just replaced the rear tire after a season of riding after it got a massive tear from sharp stone. So I would say it gets about 3 out of 5 stars for longevity but if you're willing (and have the budget) to replace them after a season of riding, these are highly recommended.

Reviewed 3/21/2022
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WTB Raddler TCS 700c Gravel Tire
5 rating
by Sharpbakers
san jose
Easy to install and works great

This WTB tire is very easy to install tubeless. No need to struggle at all to get the tire on the rim. The tire works great on the trail and in the dirt. Of course, it's a little slower on pavement as you would expect. the tan sidewalls look great too. I've purchased several (6-7) of these tires and only ran into one small problem. On one tire the border between the tan sidewall and black tire was had an issue in one small spot. A little sealant fixed that right up. just be on the look out for it. Overall fantastic tire. You won't be disappointed

Reviewed 11/11/2021
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WTB Riddler TCS 700c Gravel Tire
5 rating
by rquinn
Casual Cyclist
Portland, OR
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The Riddler is an incredible tire prepared to cruise around town with the smaller center nubs, and crush gravel riding with the 45mm size and larger edge nubs.

I use these wheels in town in Portland, and throughout the PNW on gravel rides. I first took these wheels out on a ride from The Dalles into Mount Hood National Forest. We had uphill road where I felt no significant drag or resistance from the nub size. We took dirt roads that these tires absolutely crushed, creating a lot smoother ride than I had before on 37mm wheels. And of course we found some single track riding where the huge wheels again demonstrated a significant difference from my previous 37mm - providing a much smoother and better handled ride.

Reviewed 7/23/2021
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WTB Nano 700c TCS Light SG2 Gravel Tire
5 rating
by Tee Argh
Jack of all trades...

I've put 1500+ miles on these from last summer, through the winter and well into this spring. I bought them on a suggestion from a buddy, and am glad that I did.

These have been rock solid and do a great job at being all 'rounders. Enough bite and grip for most surfaces but the loosest/wettest conditions. Decently fast on tarmac, but not the fastest. The only situations I've found these to lack is in wet/muddy or snow/icy conditions (although they do better here than my previous g-king sk's) and they lose a bit of grip in sandy/loose corners. Nothing that don't also trouble all tires I've ridden to be fair.

I'm going to try a drier tire next for the coming dry season, but would not hesitate to buy these again.

Reviewed 5/19/2021
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