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by LovetoRide
New York City
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Does the job...

I've been using this pump for 10-15 year's...I started with the aluminum then upgraded to the carbon version a few years ago to go bling with my carbon bike... they both work the same...it takes about 300 strokes to reach 80 psi with 23mm tires but this gets me home after a flat...the key feature is it easily fits in my back jersey pocket along with my spare tub and energy bars...I don't like using a bag on the seat post or frame...if you have the patience you'll love this pump !

Reviewed 4/3/2022
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by Bradical
Competitive Racer
Tracy, CA
Great for dropper post clearance!

I now run the Burrito Pack on multiple bikes. It can fit a tubolito tube (29-inch mtb or 700C gravel), 2 pedros tire levers, multi-tool, 2 co2's (16oz or 20oz) with valve, and a pack of extra hardware with room to spare. All while still being tight and compact. I also really like when you have it off and unfolded, you actually get a pretty big surface to set small parts on. On the mtb's it is great how it does not interfere with the dropper post and doesn't touch the post at all.

Reviewed 2/22/2022
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by Revolter
Northern California
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The Perfect Burrito

This is one of those products that when you see it online you hope it's going to work because the photos don't do it justice. This pack is THE BEST SADDLE BAG EVER! Carry a little or a lot. Doesn't rattle. Looks very good. And most importantly, you don't have to remove it in order to throw your bike up on the stand because it doesn't even touch the seat post.

I carry 1 tubolito (40c), 2 CO2 with nozzle, 1 large Cane Creek multi tool, 2 Pedro's levers, and a good size spare parts pouch. Rolls up nice and neat and doesn't look bulky at all.

Reviewed 5/23/2021
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by M.Studio
Cycling Enthusiast
Southwest Florida
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Despite the sort of silly name, a solid and accurate floor pump

When my wife saw this, she said, "Really?", "Joeblow?". I told her we needed to get past that and look at the quality build and ease of use this pump provides. It is easy to use with the dual valve capability, she's a Schrader person, I'm a Presta kinda guy. The multi-tip attached with no problems and stayed put. I just installed new tires/tubes on one of my bikes and this pumped them up from flat to 60psi in like 9 or 10 pumps. In my 50+ years of serious cycling, I've owned a few floor pumps but mostly used hand pumps, so this is a huge upgrade for me. The large gauge is nice, I don't need one that large but I may as my eyes start to fail. After filling the tires, I checked them with two different gauges and they were all within a pound or so. Some of the reviews complained about the plastic base, all I can say is that it is strong and solid. I hope to have another 10-15 years of serious riding ahead of me and I totally expect this to be my last pump purchase. I would buy again but don't think I'll have to.

Reviewed 9/11/2020
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