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Recent Reviews

Topeak JoeBlow Sport III Floor Pump
3 rating
by damselfly
Competitive Racer
Santa Fe, NM
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Works --- but not easy to use

I've had a JoeBlow before and really liked it until it finally wore out, so I thought this one would be great. What I do like about it is that it is sturdy, appears to be made well, the guage is easy to read and can fill tires to 160psi. What I don't like is the difficulty using the pump. NO, the hose IS NOT extra long! It is the shortest hose I've ever used! The head has to be placed on the tire valve very quickly and definitively or air will come out of the opposite side of the head. Securing the pump head to the tire valve requires quite a bit of effort, infinitely more than any other pump I've ever used. For the price (bought on sale) the pump is OK but I'll probably try another brand the next time I need a pump.

Reviewed 1/5/2023
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Topeak Micro Rocket AL
5 rating
by LovetoRide
New York City
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Does the job...

I've been using this pump for 10-15 year's...I started with the aluminum then upgraded to the carbon version a few years ago to go bling with my carbon bike... they both work the same...it takes about 300 strokes to reach 80 psi with 23mm tires but this gets me home after a flat...the key feature is it easily fits in my back jersey pocket along with my spare tub and energy bars...I don't like using a bag on the seat post or frame...if you have the patience you'll love this pump !

Reviewed 4/3/2022
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Topeak Burrito Pack
5 rating
by Bradical
Competitive Racer
Tracy, CA
Great for dropper post clearance!

I now run the Burrito Pack on multiple bikes. It can fit a tubolito tube (29-inch mtb or 700C gravel), 2 pedros tire levers, multi-tool, 2 co2's (16oz or 20oz) with valve, and a pack of extra hardware with room to spare. All while still being tight and compact. I also really like when you have it off and unfolded, you actually get a pretty big surface to set small parts on. On the mtb's it is great how it does not interfere with the dropper post and doesn't touch the post at all.

Reviewed 2/22/2022
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Topeak JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage Floor Pump
5 rating
by kalanidscottxx
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.
If you go tubeless and dont have access to compressor... GET THIS PUMP

This is hands down one of my favorite floor pumps. My previous pump broke (ran it over), and I picked this up since all of my bikes I run tubeless. I like the ability to pull the valve core with the pump head still on, it makes it really convenient to get more air flow. The pump works on my Mountain and gravel bikes as well as my road bikes. It is a little large, but I don't mind it, so make sure you are okay with having a very heafty pump in your work space/home/ garage.

Reviewed 12/3/2021
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