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We're pleased to offer an expanded women's apparel selection for cyclists in the Portland, Oregon metro area. With over 10,000 square feet of space at each location, we offer a wide variety of products, personalized attention, and top-notch customer service. Terry Bicycles asked us what makes the Western Bikeworks experience different from all the rest:

Why do you think women choose to shop at your store?

We've made it our mission to provide women with a positive shopping experience. We have several women on staff who host weekly rides, clinics, and events for our customers and community members that identify as female, transgender, and gender nonconforming. In addition to building an inclusive culture at our store level, we support the local riding community by sponsoring several women and trans*-specific clubs, teams, and non-profit groups. We understand that the language, culture, and tools in a bike shop may not be familiar to all of our customers, and we go out of our way to meet people where they're at right now in their biking journey. Whether you're just starting out, a seasoned rider, or simply trying a new type of riding or gear, we're here to encourage more women and female-identified people in making bikes a part of their life.

Why do you sell Terry?

From the beginning, Georgena Terry's designs placed women's comfort and athleticism at the forefront of Terry products. It's easy for our bike fitters to turn to Terry saddles to recommend a great all-rounder like the Butterfly. Terry's Ride It, Wear It, Love It or Return It guarantee ensures that our customers can try a variety of chamois choices to find the perfect match for all kinds of riding.

When a new to cycling customer comes in, what is the first thing you tell her about cycling?

We're always excited to be there at the start of someone's relationship with cycling. Bikes can be wonderful tools for life-changing, empowering adventures...but they can also seem overwhelming, complex, and expensive! It's most important to listen to the customer first and ask questions to figure out what type of riding experience they're looking for. Once we get a sense of what that looks like, it opens the door to conversation and a variety of choices--today someone might be interested in one type of cycling, but a year from now we may see them leading community rides, standing on a race podium, or teaching fix-a-flat classes. For our staff, it's about encouraging customers with products that are right for them, building community, and getting a chance to make someone's dream come true. Everyone on our staff can remember how they fell in love with bikes, and seeing that joy on a customer's face is something that we get to take an active role in.

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