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Vittoria Terreno Zero G2.0 650B Gravel Tire

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Great tire on pavement and hardback
by cnymike
Cycling Enthusiast
Tulsa, OK
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I installed these on my Scott Scale 29'er. My riding is 90% on paved trails, 10% on hardback dirt trails. I chose this tire because I no longer do any mountain biking and wanted a smoother rolling tire for my mountain bike. I've been very happy with the ride and longevity of these tires. I usually run them at 65psi.

I just put a new pair of these on my bike. The last pair had 2000 miles on them and I probably could have ridden them for a few hundred more miles but the tires, had numerous small slices in the tread due to wire cuts, glass, sharp stones (apparently.) I never experienced a flat on the first 1800 miles. As fate would have it, I was plagued with 5 flats during the last 200 miles. Two were due to sharp wire (what I assume is from exploded tire debris on the side of the road), two were punctures due to running over Goat's Head weed and the last was due to a tiny, sharp arrow head shaped stone. So I finally decided to just buy new tires at that point. I've already gotten another flat with the new tires due to a tiny sharp wire. Dang. Really not the tires fault though and overall I think these are great tires for the trail riding that I do.

Reviewed 10/11/2020
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