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Thule Round Trip Transition Travel Case

ThuleRound Trip Transition Travel Case(Return to Product Page)

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This bike case is excellent
by Boise Biker
Daily Commuter
Boise, Idaho
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This bike case is excellent and offers great protection. You have to remove the handle bars from the stem, but if you have a 4-bolt stem cap it is no problem. I just have to lower the seat and remove the wheels and place them in the provided wheel bags. What sets this bike case apart is the tripod stand that makes disassembly and the reassembly very easy. The bike frame is attached to the rail and the rail snaps real easy into the case. This case is a bit expensive, but believe me it is well worth it. The final bonus is that you know TSA will put it back together correctly because they only have to lift off the upper shell. With a clam shell type case with layers of foam padding the straps, lord only knows if they will put it back together correctly. Treat yourself and buy this case!

Reviewed 4/22/2017
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An excellent bike box
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
West Michigan USA
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Rented this box for a trip from USA to England. Shipped as cargo on the same plane. It is very easy to install a bike on the built in bike rack. I only had to remove handle bars and lower seat. At my destination the bike rack was easy to assemble and this made it very easy to re-assemble my bike. This box is sturdy, secure, and BIG! The wheels and built in handle are well designed. Only downsize is price.

Reviewed 5/7/2016
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