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Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner

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Review by Anonymous

One of the best if not, the best chain cleaner Ive used.
by Anonymous
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Ive used everything from orange chain cleaner, finishline can spray (works well just expensive), simple green bike cleaner (good value and a good job cleaning) and this product.

What I like about this product is that, like simple green it is eco friendly. This product is easier to buy as the simple green version isnt widely available. I do think the muc off spray takes off the grease better with fewer applications. I would recommend!!

Reviewed 8/30/2018
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Review by DeRuyterCyclist

Effective, but I prefer the Simple Green product
by DeRuyterCyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Central New York State

Simple Green was out of stock, so I bought this instead. It doesn't foam up like Simple Green, but it still does the trick. After riding a bunch of gravel in wet conditions, I needed two applications to get things clean. The smell is fine, and I'm very happy that it's biodegradeable.

Reviewed 6/15/2021
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Review by Philly commuter

Works well, pleasant smell
by Philly commuter
Daily Commuter
Philadelphia, PA

It helps clean grease and gunk and grit off drive-train components pretty well, and it did not have a bad chemical smell like some other similar products.

Reviewed 7/18/2022
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Review by MWheeler

Works perfectly
by MWheeler

As expected, this stuff just works. Pretty wild to see how easily grime comes off your drivetrain

Reviewed 6/23/2022
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Review by Nathan C

Works great, worth reading the warnings
by Nathan C
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So even if it's biodegradable and natural, any easy cleaning cleanser is likely very strong and potentially harmful. I was surprised at how strong the handling instructions were.

Reviewed 7/13/2018
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Review by scappoose cowboy

works, but let it soak in for awhile before cleaning
by scappoose cowboy
Cycling Enthusiast
the mts. between Scappoose and Vernonia, or.
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works ok, nothing special, it is a cleaner...

Reviewed 5/24/2019
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Review by Anonymous

Works great.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Middletown , NJ

Works great on MTB's and road bikes. Simple to use, leaves components nice and clean .

Reviewed 4/16/2019
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