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ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar

ENVESES Aero Road Handlebar(Return to Product Page)

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You'd better be a mechanic if you expect to install this yourself.
by Bernie
Competitive Racer
Sacramento, CA
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I would have given these bars five stars if I had been able to install them with no problems, and the quality was perfect.

BUT! - I have a home shop, and was an in-shop mechanic off and on for 15 years. These were very difficult to install. They were engineered great, but I don't think the engineers consulted any mechanics or riders about their construction. The housing is ridiculously tough to get through the bars, it hardly fits, and this could have easily been remedied by just a little bit larger holes. Since they have very small holes, you will have to force your housing through, which tears it up quite a bit. Then the housing has to make a sharp turn to the levers, another added friction point to the cables. Complicating this is the finish on the bars, which looks like a flat carbon with no paint, and actually has a clear coat on it. A clear coat that chips if you don't run the housing through perfectly - which you can't. You'll be getting out the Sharpie when you're finished if you expect the bars to look nice after. My advice - put the stem on the bars, then clamp the stem in your stand - OFF THE BIKE! Then if you need to wrestle the bars around or flip them, they're not connected to the bike. Once you've run the housing and the cables, attach them to your bike THEN trim your housing. Once installed they feel very stiff, and if you like a flat topped bar area you'll love them. A great sprinter's bar. (I'm 6' and 205 and can't flex them running a 120 Thompson aluminum stem.) Hope this helps you in your choice and installation.

Reviewed 5/7/2015
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