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Castelli Mens Superleggera Jacket

CastelliMen's Superleggera Jacket(Return to Product Page)

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disappointing product considerations 2.5 stars
by mcxi
coastside bay area
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Ok, i got this and the shower pass and the Castelli Squadra. Orderd 2 sizes of the squadra but too tight under the arm pits. XL and 2XL. Cheap price but wasnt happening. (WBW, bless their souls, charged me twice for the return! Remains unresolved)

Shower Pass beats both hands down in quality, fabric and overall design and is cheaper than the SupreLeggera. So why did I choose this? Good question. The only reason i never took the shower pass is that there was excessive fabric around the waist (see my review on the Shwr Pss) The Super Leggera gets 5 stars for fabric weight and packability. Hence Super Leggera! Which it most certainly is. It looses 4 stars for build quality. For example, the cuffs are 1mm neoprene, stretchy, great, no probs there. But, where they join to the sleeve seam, there is no stretch. So very difficult to get on and off whilst riding. Looses major points for this alone! Have to be able to remove whislt cycling in a group.

There is a design feature w Castelli that they offset the one side of the zip when fully zipped to your neck. So one side is about 10mm highr than the other. Very annoying. Better if zip was offset left or right. In the end, I took this over the Shower Pass but to be honest, i am not impressed by it. Also, more $ than the Shower Pass surprisingly.

Orderd XL. Fits average. Flaps a bit on the shoulders over 30kmhr. Waist and arms are good length and fit. I usually order med in Craft, which Is my preferred cycling brand.

I am 5.92ft (511')long arms, 162, 39 chst, 32 wst. I would be interested in looking a the Craft featherlight or something similar.

Reviewed 12/10/2018
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Packable lightweight protection
by CH
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, WA
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This is a very thin and lightweight shell.

It gives me very light wind protection. I wore it for 15 miles in a light rain and it kept me dry. When I got home, I could see that it was starting to come thru. I would say if you want to be just a tad warmer on chilly starts or a descent, this will work.

It will easily pack into a jersey pocket.

The zipper pulls pretty easily with one handed operation.

And despite Castelli's usually super small sizing, I was able to get by with a large. I'm 5'9 160lbs and usually wear a large in their jerseys, and I still have a little room with this over a jersey and arm warmers.

It will flap a bit at speeds over 25, but it's minimal.

Reviewed 4/4/2019
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Great wind and light rain protection
by ChrisP
Cycling Enthusiast
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Works best for cutting the wind and staying warm. Was good up to a point in 20 miles of heavy drizzlelight rain - by the end, water was starting to come thru. Excellent fit.

Reviewed 10/18/2018
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