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by Linda
Casual Cyclist
Bethesda, Md.
Versatile do it all pump

If you have a family and many items to inflate as well as bike tires than this is the pump to get.

Reviewed 6/19/2017
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by Marc
Cycling Enthusiast
Tualatin, OR
The simplest, no fail, CO2 inflater I've used.

I have a Lezyne and Innovations valve inflators, but have replaced both with the PDW inflator. The PDW is the easiest, quickest, and fail-safe nozzle compared to the other 2. I inflate in 2 steps. At step 1, my PDW allows me to have very slow, controlled release (twist the valve knob) to minimally inflate the inner tube, but with enough air control to see the tire is properly seeded inside, around the rim. My Lezyne and Innovations is simple push, but each push comes in full bursts. I found these bursts are more difficult to control in my step 1. Step 2 is my more robust, but still controlled, release to reach my desired PSI. There are certainly experts using Lezyne and Innovations, but I'm not one of them. I don't flat that often. But, when I do, the PDW has ridden me of all my previous fumbling and frustrations I had with the other 2 brands.

Reviewed 6/15/2017
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by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Essex, CT
Win win win win

I like this because (1) it is reasonably small so it fits nicely into my saddlebag, (2) being able to regulate the CO2 flow is a plus, (3) the neoprene sleeve keeps you from freezing your fingers to the CO2 cartridge when it gets cold as the gas flows out, and (4) it's not too heavy. Hard to imagine what else one could want from an inflator. I got the opportunity to test mine when a 1 self-tapping screw threaded itself through my rear tire, tube, and inner surface of the rim the other day, and it worked perfectly.

Reviewed 5/9/2017
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by Boomer 10/45
Cycling Enthusiast
Get this one instead of that mini pump.

Purchased for a friend who is back riding after work with friends on city streets & bike trails. Ease of operation was paramount and the Master Blaster has that in spades. It also mounts easily under the top tube to the bottom bracket. There is a convenient Velcro strap included if you think you need it. She is an interior designer so appearance and construction were a concern. The neutral colors blend/contrast well with her dark blue frame and it appears to be built to last a couple of decades. To sum up this pump does its job very well and looks good too. Even better when you can find it on special at WBW.

Reviewed 4/21/2017
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