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Shimano - 11spd
Zipp 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Zipp 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Zipp 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Zipp 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Zipp 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Zipp 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset

858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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Ultimate Deep Dish Combo.

Zipp combines several cutting-edge technologies and designs to deliver their deep-section 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelset with remarkable aerodynamics and crosswind stability. The lightweight, laterally stiff rims feature Biomimicry-inspired SawTooth™, Zipp’s new patented variable depth 53/38mm rim design. SawTooth™ diminishes aerodynamic drag and side wind force in collaboration with Hyperfoil™, individual fin-shaped nodes along the inner diameter of the rim, and HexFin™ ABLC dimples, hexagonal depressions that are paired with each Hyperfoil™. Together, this pairing of nodes and depressions generates less powerful and more predictable wind vortices, mitigating vibrational load for greater stability and rider control. Zipp’s ImPress™ graphics technology is used to print the dimples directly on the wheel, allowing them to fulfill their essential role in reducing vibrational load. For responsive yet smooth stopping, the brake tracks are furnished with Showstopper®, a directional, molded-in, texture with silicon carbide particles suspended in surface resin.


  • 2x Wheel bag.
  • 2x Tangente titanium black skewer.
  • 2x Valve extender by Silca®.
  • 2x Tangente Platinum Pro Evo brake pads.
  • 2x Tangente tube 700c x 20-28mm.
  • 2x Rim tape 700c x 20mm.


  • External, Sapim® Secure Lock nipples (Front & Rear).
  • Hub: Cognition (Front & Rear).
  • Rim Depth: 77/82mm (Front & Rear).
  • Internal Width: 17mm (Front & Rear).
  • Spokes: Sapim® CX-Ray Straight Pull (Front & Rear).
  • Max Tire Pressure: 125psi; 8.62bars (Front & Rear).
  • Dimpled Surface: ABLC™ HexFin™ Technology (Front & Rear).
  • Wheel Weight: 808g (Front); 942g (Rear).
  • Hub Width: 100mm (Front); 30mm (Rear).
  • Max Width: 24.4mm (Front); 23.7mm (Rear).
  • Spoke Count: 18 (Front); 24 (Rear).
  • Spoke Pattern: Radial (Front); 2 cross (Rear).
  • Spoke Length: 224mm (Front); 236mm (R. Non-Drive); 234mm (R. Drive).
  • Rear Wheel has 10/11-speed & XDR compatible hub.
  • Max rider weight: 250lbs (115kg).

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Rim Diameter: 622 


Rim Depth: 77/82 mm

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