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Matte Black
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Matte Black
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Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe
Matte Grey
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe

Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe

Mfg PartNum:
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Sidi's Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoe features a Microfiber Techpro Matt Upper, a lightweight, antimicrobial, and hydrophobic eco-friendly leather. The lower dial closure is located at the center-top of the foot for more balanced tension. The full carbon outsole has cooling vents to keep the feet dry and thermoregulated.

Features & Specs:

  • Eco-friendly Microfiber Techpro Matt upper.
  • Anatomically shaped Soft Instep Closure System 4.
  • Tension balancing Single Tecno-3 Push System.
  • Micro-adjustable Tecno-3 Push System.
  • Adjustable heel retention device.
  • Reflective detailing.
  • Vent Carbon Sole.
  • Sidi heel cup.
  • Replaceable heel pad.

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Matte Black - 42

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-420 

Matte Black - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-430 

Matte Black - 43.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-435 

Matte Black - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-440 

Matte Black - 44.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-445 

Matte Black - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-450 

Matte Black - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-460 

Matte Black - 47

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBBK-470 

Matte Grey - 42

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MGBK-420 

Matte Grey - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MGBK-430 

Matte Grey - 43.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MGBK-435 

Matte Grey - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MGBK-440 

Matte Grey - 44.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MGBK-445 

Matte Grey - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MGBK-450 

Matte Grey - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MGBK-460 

Matte Blue / Black - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBLB-430 

Matte Blue / Black - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBLB-440 

Matte Blue / Black - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBLB-450 

Matte Blue / Black - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBLB-460 

Matte Blue / Black - 47

Mfg PartNum: SRS-W2C-MBLB-470 

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Great comfort and stay good looking
by Anonymous

Have had many Sidi shoes in the past only issues have been keeping them looking new. Black or polished outer scuffs and look used in a week, white get dirty, faded and scuffed. These grey nonpolished outer look great after a month of riding in all weather

Reviewed 6/6/2019
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Cycling Shoes for a former Triathlete
by BrianInLa
Cycling Enthusiast
West Covina

I had previously used Velcro quick release shoes when I was racing triathlons, but not I do mostly cycling so there is no need for the quick release to I can put on running shoes. I tried another brand of cycling shoes and didn't have a good fit so decided to give the SiDi's a try. The lace up system provides the most snug fit of 3 different shoes I tried and of course the most comfort. I would give these a shoes a 9/10. I would have given a 10 but I found the eco-friendly leather to be a little more plastic feeling than a traditional leather.

Reviewed 8/29/2019
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Very Nice Road Shoes
by Genkahuna
Cycling Enthusiast
Winter Garden, FL

These are very nice road shoes. I was always worried that Euro shoes would not fit my American feet. The appeared smaller than my other shoes but fit really nicely. These have been great on long and short rides. I have also noticed that they have gotten more comfortable as I have used them. One thing to keep in mind, Sidi's boa is different than other shoes. It just takes a little time to get use to.

Reviewed 8/8/2019
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20 year Sidi shoe user.
by Chris
Cycling Enthusiast

I really like the fact that some of the tech from the Sidi Shot has found its way down into the New Sidi Wire 2 Carbon.

Great looking shoe, really comfortable, no flex in carbon sole and true to size. Luv the matte black finish, but then again I've never been into the bling look especially with my cycling shoes.

Yeah, I know there's critics who'd say Sidi are too heavy and too expensive compared to other brands on the market. IMHO you won't find a better built cycling shoe than Sidi especially when it comes to quality, durability, as well as fit and comfort.

Reviewed 6/12/2019
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