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Men's Genius 10 Road Shoe

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SIDI's classic road shoe comes in for a makeover.

The departures from its predecessor, the Genius 7, aren't too radical but they bring the Genius 10 in line with what today's cyclist is looking for in footwear: performance, comfort, and power.

Start with what's not here: velcro straps and ratcheting plastic buckles. In their place, SIDI has installed a customizable fit system that contours the water-repellent upper around the shape of the foot.

The centerpiece of this 2.0 fit system are Tecno-3 dials, knob-like interfaces that can be adjusted from both sides to more evenly distribute pressure over the instep area. Linking these dials together is an all-new wire material developed specifically for the Genius 10 by SIDI.

Manufactured with a Water-Tech treatment that eliminates chemical solvents, the upper is framed around microfiber panels that are supple, light and durable; vents strategically cut into the ankles and toes keep things cool when the competition heats up.

Down below, a nylon sole reinforced with carbon fiber adds stiffness without sacrificing power transfer. Rounding out the Genius 10's refresh are polyurethane pads and cups that hold the foot in place and combat pesky heel slip.

Features & Specs:

  • SOFT INSTEP 4 CLOSURE SYSTEM uses soft, thermo-formed EVA pad to distribute pressure evenly
  • Microfibra Microtech upper replaces solvents with water-based products for a lighter environmental footprint
  • Like most SIDI small parts, the TECNO-3 BUCKLE is serviceable and replaceable.
  • CARBON COMPOSITE 20 SOLE is nylon and injected carbon fiber.
  • Replaceable polyurethane heel cup
  • Standard "D" width for precise fit

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Width: Regular 

Black - 40

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-400 

Black - 41

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-410 

Black - 41.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-415 

Black - 42

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-420 

Black - 42.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-425 

Black - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-430 

Black - 43.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-435 

Black - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-440 

Black - 44.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-445 

Black - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-450 

Black - 45.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-455 

Black - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-460 

Black - 46.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-465 

Black - 47

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-470 

Black - 48

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKBK-480 

White - 41

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-410 

White - 41.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-415 

White - 42

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-420 

White - 42.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-425 

White - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-430 

White - 43.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-435 

White - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-440 

White - 44.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-445 

White - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-450 

White - 45.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-455 

White - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-460 

White - 46.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-465 

White - 47

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-470 

White - 48

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-WHWH-480 

Black / Grey - 42

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-420 

Black / Grey - 42.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-425 

Black / Grey - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-430 

Black / Grey - 43.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-435 

Black / Grey - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-440 

Black / Grey - 44.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-445 

Black / Grey - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-450 

Black / Grey - 45.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-455 

Black / Grey - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-460 

Black / Grey - 46.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-465 

Black / Grey - 47

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-470 

Black / Grey - 48

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKGY-480 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 41

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-410 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 41.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-415 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 42

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-420 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 42.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-425 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-430 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 43.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-435 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-440 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 44.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-445 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-450 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 45.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-455 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-460 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 46.5

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-465 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 47

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-470 

Black / Fluo Yellow - 48

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFY-480 

Black / Red Fluo - 43

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFR-430 

Black / Red Fluo - 44

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFR-440 

Black / Red Fluo - 45

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFR-450 

Black / Red Fluo - 46

Mfg PartNum: SRS-GNX-BKFR-460 

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This is a really nice shoe
by MattM
Cycling Enthusiast
Gambrills, MD
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

So what is in it for $300? First thing that caught my attention? The feel. It fits too good. Ive been used to a shoe, and a very good shoe, but a lesser shoe. It fits so good it made me second guess it. I adjusted the boas repeatedly. I tried it on with a wool sock. I tried it on with no sock. I think we get so used to the things we use everyday. That makes change hard. But not impossible. Its not narrow. I have plenty, not too much room at the toe. It feels like a slipper. It looks small too. The same size shoe(43) in my current road shoe are a bit bigger. The boas adjust precisely. Pinch and release, crank them to snug it down. There isnt any information as to size recommended on this site. I dont think I found it exactly on Sidis sight either. 43 read 8.8 on the box. They are Italian so take it for what its worth. I installed my Speedplay cleats and did a few laps to get them positioned just right. Bottom line. Probably worth more than $300.

Reviewed 5/4/2020
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They're sidis
by Anonymous

What more can I say but the best of the best. Comfortable and built to last. I'm a size 10.5 and I got a 45-1/2 fits great!

Reviewed 3/18/2021
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Great shoe, comes wide which is hard to find in cycling shoe!
by Jnrivara
Cycling Enthusiast
Palm Beach County Florida

Solid shoe . Was concerned with wire tie, but that has improved over the years. Also can buy replacement components from Sidi

Reviewed 2/8/2021
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Love them.
by sbwegs
El Paso Texas

Show is a great fit and feels like a leather glove. Love the carbon composite sole. Great exchange of power from the foot to the pedal.

Reviewed 1/15/2021
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Give em time to break in!
by UPhillButcher
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

So I've wore sidi shoes for 25 years and have only had 3 pairs,this being my fourth.I bought a 44 and it was tight on the top of my toes and in the top of my foot where you tighten the took 3 weeks and a nice specialized inner sole to mold these to my foot,they are super comfy now....the only downside is the tecno 3 dials they are hard to do on the fly all the models above these have a push button inner that is much more user friendly ..I most likely will up gragde those and swap them out

Reviewed 4/3/2020
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Another great from SIdi
by OaklandMark
Cycling Enthusiast
Oakland, CA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I've been a happy Sidi wearer for 30 years, and recently upgraded from a scuffed but still excellent pair of Genius 5's to the Genius 10. I've tried other shoes, and they either are too rigid in the upper or too flexible on the sole. Sidi manages to get it right for me, with a supple, easy fitting upper and a fantastically rigid, power transmitting sole.

I especially like the updated dial closure adjusters. Unlike the 5's velcro and lever combination, this manages to be easy to adjust, open, and close, better fitting, and genuinely adjustable on the fly - really! I've pretty easily both loosened and tightened the closures while riding, which is a very nice thing to be able to do.

While I was tempted to splurge on the top of the line shoe, I just couldn't justify the extra cost for what was likely to be an imperceptible (at least to me) improvement.

The only thing I would alert folks to is that it appears Sidi had changed the shoe last from the Genius 5, as these 47's are slightly longer than the 47's they replace. Not a deal breaker, but if I had been trying them on in person I might have ended up with 46.5. These still fit fine on my 11.5-12 sized feet.

All in all, a superb shoe.

Reviewed 1/30/2020
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Supremely comfortable, but the Techno-3 adjusters leave something to be desired.
by FlashBazbo
Competitive Racer
Middle Tennessee

I upgraded from my old Sidi Genius 5 shoes to these. My impressions (1) The styling of the shoe is a major upgrade. These look great! (2) Genius 5 shoes fit me well. Genius 10 fit me better. With the Techno-3 adjusters, you can get a perfect fit. Supremely comfortable! In my experience, these are more comfortable than my much-more-expensive fizik R1 Infinito shoes or the much-more-expensive Sidi Wire 2. (Yes, I prefer them to the Sidi Wire 2, even if they were the same price. I sent the Wire 2 back.) I'm glad I made this purchase!

But . . . I'm not a big fan of the Techno-3 adjuster mechanism. Sitting still, on a chair, they are fine. But when on the bike, it is almost impossible to find the lever, pop it up, and adjust the tension. The 2-way BOA dials are much, much easier to adjust on the bike. A Sidi Genius 10 shoe with 2-way BOA dials, if it existed, could be the perfect shoe.

Reviewed 11/7/2019
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