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Selle SMP Stratos Saddle

Selle SMP
Stratos Saddle

  (3 customer reviews)
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A seriously comfortable ride in any position thanks to a very unorthodox design. Dropped nose and large cut-away center relieve pressure to sensitive areas while promoting blood flow and virtually eliminating numbness. Made in Italy.

Features include:

  • Nap leather cover
  • Foamed elastomer padding
  • AISI 304 tubular steel rails
  • 266mm x 131mm
  • 260g
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Beautifully constructed.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
San Francisco, CA

A must use for older riders, cradles your soft tissues extremely well. You have to ride and adjust 3-4 times before you dial it in but after that it becomes part of the bike. The saddle is well constructed and thought out.

Reviewed 10/25/2012
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Don't move
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This saddle is super comfy as long as you don't move. Unfortunately I move around a lot. With the way the center of the saddle dips you can not move fore or aft without great discomfort, and heaven forbid you hit a bump in the road while not perfectly centered. I gave it 2 stars for the amazing build quality and it actually is amazingly comfortable as long as you stay put in one spot. But if the pace quickens and you scoot forward to get more leverage you are in for a world of hurt as your boys rest right on the top of the eagle beak which as you can see is curved the wrong way for that kind of maneuver.

Reviewed 9/27/2012
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Exactly the comfort I presumed to get from the form and design of this saddle.
by Josh
Cycling Enthusiast
Louisville, KY
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I discovered the Selle SMP series when searching for a saddle that provided adequate, even exaggerated perennial relief. I was riding a bulky, cushy, $50 bontrager and had adjusted it so that I had no issue with numbness or tingling, but nonetheless my genitals felt squished, I would feel an uncomfortable smack going over bumps, the area under my thighs right at the pelvic joint rubbed uncomfortably against the seat, my lower back got very sore, and I constantly had to shift and adjust my riding position to alleviate these discomforts. Some of the saddles I saw in a catalog went as far as to split completely down the middle providing two free pads for your sitting and nothing in between. These, however, were in the $400-500 range and I had no way of knowing how they might feel.

I could just tell by looking at the form of the SMP saddles I would remedy at least two of my issues. The deep cut channel allows for no upward force back into your crotch, even over bumps, because there is only empty space there. The thin valley ridges only put a light pressure into your thighs at the pelvic joint, and the eagle beak nose ensures leaning forward isn't cumbersome. I consulted this very thorough appraisal and explanation of the Selle SMP series

I first tried the Selle SMP evolution because I am 5'6 130 lbs and it was one of the narrower, sleeker models recommended for smaller riders. I found the evolution felt too hard and there was not enough sit area and thus felt I had little wiggle room to keep my balance in the manner I was used to. One thing I was not aware of from the picture that I discovered much to my liking is the back pads really do accommodate the sit bones directly and little of anything else. The only significant upward force directed back into your body targets your bones and no soft flesh is mashed nor does it chafe anywhere. With a little more time I could have easily adapted to be one with the Evolution, but I could tell the Stratos would have the minor adjustments I yearned for. Sure enough it did. After a week of riding I can already feel it has broken in some and my sit bones have grown used to the pressure they are exerted to. I am more eager to ride and no longer dread longer rides because the saddle has the exact same feel after two hours as it did in the first five minutes of taking off. My lower back still gets sore, but I think that is an issue of my stem being too long and leaning so far forward so that my spine bows outward.

All in all this saddle is superb for perennial and genital relief, sit comfort, and weight. Many brands advertise with a catchline of pseudo-medical jargon about how their saddle is designed to anatomical studies and will consequently feel

Reviewed 8/24/2012
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