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Pro One Tubeless Road Tire

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Ditch the tubes.

Schwalbe is a big believer in road tubeless technology, but it takes more than that to get a tubeless system to work at the highest levels of the sport. Through continuous research, development, and innovation, they've arrived at the Pro One Tubeless Road Tire, which has been proven in the pro peloton to stand up to incredibly harsh racing conditions, holding its own next to traditional tubed and tubular tires.

What sets the Pro One far apart from other tubeless models is the inclusion of Schwalbe's MicroSkin technology, a high-tensile micro fabric that's vulcanized into the carcass for an airtight seal, even at high road-tire pressures. It also has the benefit of adding more cut resistance all around and decreasing the weight by 70 g compared to the old Schwalbe One, so no longer does tubeless mean chunky, heavy, unyielding tires. In fact, combined with its OneStar triple rubber compound, the Pro One has 15% less rolling resistance than the previous tire as well, making it as fast as it is reliable.

700c diameter. Available in multiple widths. Claimed weight is 255 g (700c x 25 mm).

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Mostly all Good
by John L
Competitive Racer
SF Bay Area
Review for Schwalbe One Tubeless Road Tire
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

The Good..

I've mounted the Schwalbe One Tires on three different mfg non-tubeless wheelsets with great success. All three sealed perfect using a floor pump, and the lost of tire psi is in par with a typical tubed tire (a few lbs per week). I'm a High Pressure guy, but I'm running the Tubeless Tires 30 psi lower then on my road race clincher. The lower psi have no noticeable difference in rolling resistance, but the ride and handling is so nice.

Not so Good.

I purchase 3 tires in the last 6 month. The first tire last only month before having to toss it due to a large slice through the casing which could not be repaired. It happens.... I haven't had any issues with the currently two. Zero flats, but the tires don't look like they are going to last for very long. I figure I'll be lucky to get 1.5k miles out of them.

The other issue... I use them for training rides only. No way would I use them in a race, because if you need to add a tube due to a flat... it's a major pain without soapy water and proper tire levers. Use sealant.....

Reviewed 6/18/2014
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Almost Too Sticky!!
by The Green One
Competitive Racer
Peoria, Az
1 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Just purchased a set up tubeless wheels with the thought of not having to worry as much about flats. They have not left me stranded yet but pick up everything on the road. Every ride I received a puncture. I had to put in a tube on one ride. I only got a couple of hundred miles on my front tire before I noticed a bulge in the tire with a piece of the rubber missing. Once again I made it home however have not been happy with the quality or life out of the tires. I had a buddy who was going to go tubeless, however after seeing me struggle with them he decided to stick with his clinchers. Maybe a tire with a higher TPI may work better.

Reviewed 6/27/2016
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Superb road tubeless tire
by Mark
Cycling Enthusiast
Scappoose, OR
Review for Schwalbe One Tubeless Road Tire
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This is my third brand of road tubeless tire installed on my bike. The first two I had mixed feelings about them thus the reason to change. The first two were very hard to install and either leaked an unacceptable amount of air from the beginning or after a few hundred miles. This required the use of sealant. The Ones require air about every 3-4 days. This is without any sealant used so far. I have just over 500 miles on them and they still look new. I carry a can of Hutchinson fast air which is both an inflator and sealant in one. I have had to use it in the pass to do on the road repairs and just to stop the slow leaks on my other tires. I highly recommend both these tires and the Fast Air.

Reviewed 6/1/2016
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Tubeless as it should have been all along
by PetiPop
Competitive Racer
Review for Schwalbe One Tubeless Road Tire
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

The Schwalbe One has finally made good on the promise of tubeless tires. Unlike other brands of tubeless tires that I have used over the last few years, these can be mounted without tools and be seated with a hand pump and hold air to a point, where they do not have to be checked daily for proper pressure.

All this without using any goo in the tires that messes up the rims and is a hassle to clean.

The added comfort of running tires at 85-100 lbs as compared to 115-130 with clinchers is enormous.

Over 1500 miles later, I am happy to report that they are still in good shape and I didn't have a single flat.

The Schwalbe One seems to roll very easily, provides excellent grip, although I thought the Hutchinson tires provide a little more feedbackroad feel.

However, the Schwalbe's ease of mounting and inflating can't be overstated. I love these tires and will use nothing but, until something revolutionary better comes along.

Very highly recommended!

Reviewed 3/5/2015
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Great value
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Salt Lake City, UT
Review for Schwalbe One Tubeless Road Tire
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

After shopping around for a higher rated tubeless road tire, it seemed like quality, performance and value were best represented with the Schwalbe One. Due to the folded tire, one of the two was pretty hard to seat so the bead would seal up and after about 4 or 5 tries I found if I put in enough air to the point of it leaking out, then pulling the tire around it finally worked.

While I haven't had a flat yet, I'm sure its not a matter of if, but when. So I have yet to find out how it is on the road when trying to fix a flat on the road.

Reviewed 4/25/2014
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