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Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus 700c Tire
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Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus 700c Tire

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For the e-bike that goes the distance.

The Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus 700c Tire offers maximum riding safety at high speeds and on long tours on your e-bike. The highest Marathon quality tires refined for the special demands of an E-Bike give puncture protection and safety you'll want when cruising. The patented SmartGuard protection layer is additionally supported by two layers of RaceGuard fabric to keep you on your way and free of flats. This Smart-DualGuard protects even better against sharp objects.

Great control and ride comfort.

The ADDIX-E compound, specially developed for the use of E-Bikes, provides outstanding grip even at high speeds and also maximum durability. Schwalbe takes into account the need for a smooth ride and the Marathon E-Plus rolls surprisingly well thanks to high-tech materials. The anti-aging sidewall prevents for much longer the unsightly cracks caused by use with low air pressure. The new carcass construction reinforces the sidewalls with a further layer of fabric and thus stabilizes the tire for even more load capacity.

Versatile. Modern.

The tread profile of the Marathon E-Plus is modern and dynamic. The E-Plus™s tread depth makes is extremely versatile for touring and trekking. E-Bike: Of course, ECE-R75 certification makes the tires ready for E-Bikes of all classes. The available sizes are consistently geared to the requirements of modern E-Bikes.

Please note that due to its extra-thick tread, this tire runs ~2mm wider/taller than typical Schwalbe tires. As such, the ISO width printed on the sidewall is actually greater than the common size printed on the tire (example: 700c x 35mm = 37-622 ISO). To avoid confusion, we sell this tire by its common 700c measurement, not its wider ISO measurement.


  • Flat-less. Even better protection against sharp objects, the Marathon features a SmartGuard belt with two layers of RaceGuard Fabric
  • With this tire's wide range of use, you can ride on the pavement, trails and on gravel roads, safely
  • Easier rolling = low rolling resistance and prevents excessive drain of your e-bike's battery
  • Maximum riding safety allows for exceptional grip and low wear
  • Greater stability to allow you to carry larger loads

B-Stock - This product has one or more B-Stock units available. These units can be purchased at a discount (see option select). B-Stock units were returned from other customers and may have missing or damaged packaging materials. These units are otherwise as new. The full manufacturer warranty applies. Click Here for more information.

The product weight specified is an approximate weight based on the manufacturer's specifications (if available) or our measurement of one or two examples. For most products, the weight will typically vary by 5% to 10%.



Threads Per Inch: 60 


Tire Type: Clincher-WireBead 


Wheel Size: 700C/29" (ISO 622) 

700 x 35mm - ADDIX E

Weight: 930 grams

Tire Width: 37mm (1.5in) 

Mfg PartNum: 11159077 

700 x 38mm - ADDIX E

Weight: 990 grams

Tire Width: 40mm (1.6in) 

Mfg PartNum: 11159053 

700 x 45mm - ADDIX E

Weight: 1150 grams

Tire Width: 47mm (1.9in) 

Mfg PartNum: 11159058 

700 x 50mm (2.0) - ADDIX E

Weight: 1210 grams

Tire Width: 50mm (2.0in) 

Mfg PartNum: 11159055 

700 x 55mm (2.15) - ADDIX E

Weight: 1395 grams

Tire Width: 55mm (2.2in) 

Mfg PartNum: 11159056 


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Protects against most hazards
by Brian
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I'm commuting the area in Louisiana that was hit by IDA, and we still have construction debris fairly regularly. I tried cinturato velo on my ebike but it was still very flat prone. The Marathon e-plus is still picking up occasional flats from long wood screws and nails but the more minor cuts and punctures have stopped.

Reviewed 10/17/2022
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Best Tire I've ever owned
by Carol
Cycling Enthusiast
Cartersville, GA
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

My first cross country touring adventure. Rode well over 2,200 miles in 2019 on Old Route 66 leaving Santa Monica California To St. Louis Missouri and south east back to Atlanta. Two and a half months on the road and never had to change or fix a tire. Not a single flat, best tire I've ever had on a bike and I plan to put them on my new bike.

Reviewed 2/12/2021
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Best price I found on the web.
by Bob Evans
Cycling Enthusiast
Neptune Beach, Florida
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I needed a good tire to ride on the sandy beach. The Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus 700c Tire has a perfect tread design for

great traction and stability on non firm surfaces.

Reviewed 11/8/2021
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Nice rolling ebike tire
by Westelk
Daily Commuter
Portland, OR
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I put on a pair of Marathon E-Plus for urban riding in the winter wet, replacing Smart Sams. I feel secure riding on Portland's wet leaf strewn roads.

Reviewed 12/17/2020
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Not bulletproof but doin' okay
by dgcollum
Daily Commuter
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I'm ONLY 500 some miles into this tire, so I cannot give it an overall approval yet, as I'm expecting 4k to 5k miles out of it. However, at the 8% to 10% mark I'm not disappointed. I'm running it on the rear, with a Schwalbe Marathon Supreme on the front (which I've reviewed favorably on this site). Yes this is on an e-bike.

The tire mounts on the rim in a straightforward manner. It takes a couple fill/deflate cycles to get it to seat evenly. That's standard for Schwalbe times, in my experience. These are not tubeless, which is okay, but I'd like the next generation to have that option.

Due to how it's made and what it's made for, the tire is not a lightweight. Not a bantamweight either. Welterweight? Yeah, especially since you gotta run a tube. BUT, it rolls, baby. One of Schwalbe's claims is that it's above average in rolling resistance. For a 2.15"/55mm balloon, I'm very happy with the speed I get oughta this thing.

The grip is almost as good as the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme. I can corner without fear on wet, slick tarmac doing 18 to 20 mph. Go ahead. Lean into it.

But there's another BUT . . . there's been a puncture. I'm not gonna make excuses for the tire, BUT there is a LOT of junk in the bike lanes and on the roads this year. More than I've seen in 31 years of commuting in the Portland OR metro. Nails of all kinds and screws and glass and sticks and whole trees and lots more leaves hiding all of it. So even with the SmartGuard and the RaceGuard I got a puncture. Nope. Not bulletproof.

When I replace this tire, I'll try to remember to update this review with any other observations.

Reviewed 1/18/2021
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This is actually a follow up on a review from years past.
by E-bike Advocate
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Monica/Los Angeles

This is actually a follow up on a review from years past. Now that I've put on 3k miles on my Class 3 e-bike, I'm pleased to say;

-I've gone without a flat. I live in a big city and the streets have plenty of opportunities to flatten a bike tire.

-The tires improved the comfort on my ridged bike.

-I have not rotated my tires and there has been only a modest amount of wear on the back tire and almost none on the front.

Reviewed 11/21/2023
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E-bike rider
by Ken
Central NJ
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I replaced the Schwalbe gravel style tires that came on my Trek Domane+ HP class 3. I ride exclusively on road so decided to look for tires that make more sense after going through three sets in 12,000 miles (which I thought was good).

I didn't realize ebike specific tires were made but thought it was a smart idea, so I gave them a go. I was impressed with the potential 10,000 mile life some say they're getting but the road tread and strong build quality was the clincher.

I have 500 miles on them and believe they're great. They do feel heavier and could be eating some battery life but it was also getting cooler out so it's hard to be sure.

I recommend these tires.

Reviewed 1/14/2022
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Excellent tire for the money.
by Bud Puskarich
Cycling Enthusiast
Niles Oh

I use this tire on a Trek Verve+2 E-Bike.

The highest recommended air pressure for this tire is 70 psi. I thought that this psi, compared to a road bike tire, would cause a drag on the motor and me. But, this isn't the case. I get a very smooth ride with very little road or trail resistance.

I recommend the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus700c tire.

Reviewed 5/1/2023
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Not doin' okay at all
by dgcollum
Daily Commuter
2 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

UPDATE: less than 100 miles after the previous review, the tire blew it's bead, and thus, blew off the rim. Fortunately I noticed upon riding out in the dark morning there was a "flat" spot causing a "thump" and got less than half a mile on the commute before turning around for home. Ten minutes after parking the bike, I heard a loud bang from the garage and knew without looking the tire blew. The rubber ridge holding the tire to the rim was hanging loosely from the tire.

I think part of why the bead blew off was that during the final week of this tire's life, I also had one puncture per day. Two of those required demounting the tire and patching the tube. Three of those punctures did self-seal from the sealant infused tubes.

Less than 600 miles is not stellar performance for any commuter tire, and especially poor for Schwalbe tires. Replaced this with a Marathon Supreme 28x2. Now looking at Goodyear Transit Tour tires as a possible replacement when needed.

Reviewed 2/20/2021
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kiss me arse, goatheads
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
Tucson AZ
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

If you like super low-maintenance like me, you probably like the idea of fewer flats, and tubeless sounds like a hassle (having to replace slime every once in a while). Living in the desert, goatheads are the bane of cyclists' existence. So to reduce punctures on my daily commute I went with these tires and Schwalbe's more puncture-resistant TPU tubes (the lighter tube weight helps offset the heavier tires a bit...although I was actually impressed that these tires aren't crazy heavy considering their much thicker construction)

Reviewed 1/22/2021
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My Pros and Cons of the Marathon E-plus
by E-Bike Advocate
Daily Commuter
L.A.Santa Monica, CA
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

My e-bike is a harsh ridding and rigged speed pedalic. Below is my comparison of my previous light weight tires the Schwalbe Durano 700c x 32 in contrast the heaver Marathon E-plus 700c x 40.

Pros of the Marathon E-plus

-The ride is a bit insulated. Hitting a big bump or pothole at high speeds my bike maintains better control. It's as if I plow over as opposed to being launched.

-Tracking is improved, feels more sticky. I have greater confidence when unexpectedly coming across water or sand, especially on turns.

-The harsh ride of my bike a bit smother, but not nearly as much as I had hoped for. Not to blame the tires, my next speed pedalic will have a front suspension.

Cons of the Marathon E-plusi

-Modest reduction in speed top speeds on flat surfaces and hills.

-Modest reduction of battery milage.

-A bit less nimble when quick turning.

I don't have the experience any other tires for this bike, but overall I can say that the ride is much different and I prefer the change that the Marathon E-plus provides. Because of my lack of tire experiences with this bike, I can't say that these are life changing or are the best tires.

One final note, the Marathon E-plus appear to be much taller, most likely due to the added flat protection. If you have fenders or if you currant tires are tight fitting, the Marathon E-plus might not fit.

Reviewed 7/18/2020
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These tires roll great, and reduce your anxiety of getting flats
by Ichibmtb

Super fast, rolling, durable, and a reasonable weight. Love having the extra flat protection.

Reviewed 4/17/2023
Was this review useful to you? Yes/No
Thank you for your feedback.
Durable at 300 miles no punctures
by The Street Sweeper Crew''s #1 Fan
Los Angeles
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

After getting a puncture in a kenda tire I swapped to the E-Plus. At almost 500 miles in the tire tread hasn't worn. No nics in the tire. Used as a daily commuter and have had to run over some glass and 3/4 diameter rocks in the bike lanes on a frequent basis without any punctures. Also handles dirt well. Will add a review when close to end of life.

Reviewed 7/2/2021
Was this review useful to you? Yes/No
Thank you for your feedback.
Excellent puncture protection tire.
by Phillkhouse
Cycling Enthusiast
Chicago, IL area
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I replaced my old tires with the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus 700c Tire for my E-Bike. Because of the added thickness, I could tell a difference in the comfort of the ride. I really appreciated the reflective sidewalls since I do a lot of night riding. The tires also roll nice. (I inflate my tires near max)

All-n-all, I would definitely recommend this tires.

Reviewed 2/22/2021
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Amazing difference
by jmessick
Casual Cyclist
Lawrence, KS
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I replaced the stock Kenda tires on my e-bike and only wish I had done so sooner. I chose Schwalbe Marathons primarily for their puncture resistance, but they've made an amazing difference in ride and handling. They are smooth, quiet, and have a great grip on the road. A+

Reviewed 10/30/2020
Was this review useful to you? Yes/No
Thank you for your feedback.
by John
Cycling Enthusiast
v2a 8n7
1 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Tires are easy to re & re. Tires Roll very well

Reviewed 6/8/2020
Was this review useful to you? Yes/No
Thank you for your feedback.
Great tires
by Jason

Ordered them for my Van Moof, love them! Great protection, great traction even in rain. Fit all my parameters living in NYC, The streets here are tough and I needed a tire to match

Reviewed 9/20/2021
Was this review useful to you? Yes/No
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