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700 x 23mm - Black
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700 x 23mm - Black
Classic Para
Ceruleo (Blue)
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PZero Velo Tire

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Purebred heritage.

Drawing on their years of top-level Formula 1 racing experience, the Pirelli Pzero Velo Tire marks the 145-year-old company's re-entry into the market after a 25 year absence. Bringing in a brand new compound, the Pzero's SmartNET Silica® compound features a highly elastic structure that minimizes heat generation, offering lower rolling resistance and natural puncture protection. Bringing their Functional Groove Design from the world of motorsports, the Pzero features three major areas that optimize grip and responsiveness in wet or dry conditions. Under the 127 TPI nylon casing, the aramid fiber breaker layer adds further puncture and slashing protection for reliable performance in unreliable conditions.

The Pirelli Pzero Velo tire is available in two widths: 23mm and 25mm. Also available in an extra-protective 4 seasons version.


  • Formula 1 heritage and technology in a cycling tire
  • SmartNET Silica® compound provides low rolling resistance, wet grip, and puncture protection
  • Functional Groove Designed tread pattern features three major areas for optimal grip and efficiency
  • Ideal Contour Shaping of the tire uses CAD software to develop the most efficient footprint
  • Claimed weight: 210 grams (25mm)

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Wheel Size: 700C/29" (ISO 622) 


Tire Type: Clincher-Folding 


Threads Per Inch: 127 

700 x 23mm - Black

Mfg PartNum: 2908800 

Tire Width: 23mm (0.9in) 

700 x 25mm - Black

Tire Width: 25mm (1.0in) 

Mfg PartNum: 2908900 

700 x 28mm - Black

Tire Width: 28mm (1.1in) 

Mfg PartNum: 2909000 

700 x 25mm - Classic Para

Mfg PartNum: 3833300 

700 x 28mm - Classic Para

Mfg PartNum: 3833400 

700 x 25mm - Anthracite Label

Mfg PartNum: 3571300 

700 x 25mm - Celeste Label

Mfg PartNum: 3571500 

700 x 25mm - Ceruleo Label (Blue)

Mfg PartNum: 3805500 

700 x 25mm - Gold Label

Mfg PartNum: 3835000 

700 x 25mm - Orange Label

Mfg PartNum: 3985700 

700 x 25mm - Pink Label

Mfg PartNum: 3571400 

700 x 25mm - Red Label

Mfg PartNum: 3571000 

700 x 25mm - White Label

Mfg PartNum: 3571200 

700 x 25mm - Yellow Label

Mfg PartNum: 3571100 

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PZero to the People!
by LA Dev
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles, CA

For the longest time I was in serious like with Veloflex Master Clincher tires. Before that Vittoria Rubino Pros had my attention and prior to that the Continental Grand Prix series topped the charts. Then I picked up a pair of Pirelli PZero Velos and now I am officially in love. The traction on the PZeros makes cornering at high speeds worry free. Speaking of speed, these are tires feel fast and improve acceleration. Additionally, when I am sitting in a 22-25 mph pocket they really have a glide-like quality, especially on smooth pavement and warm SoCal days. I prefer riding with maximum levels of air pressure, which can sometimes take a toll on your body, but the PZeros have provided an excellent somewhat cushioned riding experience. Plus, the minimal graphics (clean black and silver colorway) gets 5 stars and are aesthetically fresh! I highly recommend these bad boys. Nice price from WBW, too. Buy a pair and you will see the light.

Reviewed 4/3/2020
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Great all-round tire
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Finger Lakes

Average rides are 30 miles in fair weather, although we all get caught in rain sometime. Tires have good grip, corner well and give a comfortable ride. Amazing to me is their puncture resistance, I have not had so much as a cut. Also the wear pattern is even.

Reviewed 10/11/2020
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Best tire ever
by Andy
Cycling Enthusiast

This tire feels fast. Has plenty of grip and gives you feedback from the road. Can't go wrong with Pirelli. Riding in the often rough back roads of central Indiana farm country, these tires are a game changer. Often is the ride where that exists that I find myself on a surprise gravel road and I have the confidence of a quality tire with excellent puncture protection. And on smooth tarmac they are quick.

Reviewed 8/24/2020
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Love Them
by El Captian si se reinicia
Cycling Enthusiast

Beating the hell out of the GP 5000's in confidence, rolling resistance and wear! Really, Really good tire! My tire of choice now in 28's.

Reviewed 6/23/2020
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Harsh ride
by Dan
miami brach

Got 2 flats on the first day and harsh ride. Continental 5000 much better

Reviewed 3/1/2021
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Best tires I've ever used.
by tRex
Cycling Enthusiast
Colorado mountains
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I have been an avid cyclist for at least 40 years. In that times I've of course had a slew of favorite road tires. I look for a combination of ride quality, comfort, flat protection and endurance. A firm favorite was the Panaracer Ruffy Tuffy. Incredibly flat resistant, comfortable and long lasting. However, at 27mm they were a little too fat to fit my dream Moots titanium with Campy Record brakes. My LBS recommended the Pirelli PZero 25's about three years ago and I haven't looked back. Road feel is incredible. I find that I can run them at lower pressures for great comfort and speed. (At around 190 lbs body weight I can run the rear at 80-85psi and the front at 70-75psi on Hed Belgium wide rims) They are extremely durable too.These are honestly the best tires I've ever used and to that end I have a healthy stock of them for both of my road bikes.

I could not recommend these tires more enthusiastically. Try some!!

Reviewed 1/25/2021
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Much like Conti 5000, but easier on and off
by cRule5
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

I've used Conti 4000s and 5000s size 28 on Enve 3.4 wheels. These Pirellis so far seem very comparable to the Contis as far as wear, comfort, rolling resistance, and flat resistance. However, the Pirellis are far superior in one major regard. They are much easier to mount on my Enve 3.4 wheels and easier to remove as well. When you get the inevitable puncture on a tire, the struggle removing and mounting your tire is now one less thing to worry about.

Reviewed 11/21/2020
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Supple riding great tire
by Baal
Cycling Enthusiast
Houston, TX
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I have never had a tire that mounts as easily as these. The carbon clincher rims I have are at the best of times challenging to use with Conti 5000GPS. A few weeks ago after struggling mightily on the side of the road after a puncture, I decided to get some of these Pirelli P Zeros, based on reviews here. Wow, they went on like putting whipped butter on warm toast. After inflation to 85 psi the 25 mm tires actually measured 27.9 thickness with a digital caliper, which actually makes me happy. As for how they ride, they feel great. Corner nicely. Haven't had them long enough to see about puncture resistance or wear lifetime or performance in the wet. But for the riding that I do (I don't race but I try to go as fast as fitness allows) they don't feel to be in any way inferior to the Contis as far as I can tell. For me that is high praise. Contis ride great but as I said, mounting them on my carbon clinchers was a nightmare. (I never had that problem with Conti 4000s) As for puncture resistance to be honest, as long as these Pirellis are reasonably puncture resistant and have a close to normal lifetime, I will stick with them. I like to know that if I get a flat on the road -- a not uncommon occurrence where I ride owing to all sorts of glass and road debris -- I can be rolling again in five minutes with no profanities or sore fingers.

Reviewed 10/19/2020
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Solid Performer
by Rare
Competitive Racer
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This has been my go-to race and training tire for a while now. There are some tires that might be a bit faster but lack the durability and others that are more durable but handle/ride poorly (and are heavy). The Pirelli PZero Velo Tire performs very well in all areas. If I'm really concerned about every last ounce of power/speed I ride tubulars anyway.

Reviewed 12/14/2020
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Pretty Fantastic All Around
by Sal
New York

Fast, supple, light and by far the easiest tire I have ever mounted.

Reviewed 9/16/2020
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Really Nice Goldilocks Tire
by sgnnyc
Cycling Enthusiast
New York

Fast, supple, light, durable and puncture resistant. So so easy to mount.

Reviewed 9/17/2020
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Fast tire
by Drzbianchi
new jersey

If you like to sprint or just go fast

Reviewed 12/11/2020
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Fantastic tire
by steve
Competitive Racer
Miami, FL

I was happy to see that I'm not the only one who can't get a Continental on or off the rim! The P Zero's are so smooth that I keep checking the pressure to make sure I don't have a flat.

Reviewed 11/20/2020
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Follow Up Review
Cycling Enthusiast
New York

I have about 1,200 miles on these tires. They perform brilliantly. They feel outstanding. They are wearing much better than I thought. No flats. Highly Recommend.

Reviewed 10/12/2020
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Nice tires
by Anonymous
0 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I've owned several tires and these by far are the best. These will be my go to from now on.

Reviewed 11/13/2018
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Great tires!
by dscottj431
Daily Commuter
Herndon VA
10 of 10 customers found this review helpful.

I changed from Conti 4000s to these. The first things I noticed was improved authority entering a turn, better braking, and much less noisy. I didn't rate that last one highly until I got a quieter tire. They are pricey, but you get what you pay for. Great stuff!

Reviewed 9/13/2018
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Very Good All Around
by SDRider
san diego

Very fast, very grippy, good over bumps, while still providing adequate puncture resistance and decent durability.

Reviewed 7/31/2020
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Excellent tire
by Yed
Fresno, Ca

I usually went with GP 4000's, but decided to try these out. The 5000's came out a week later, but I have no regrets. These tires are light, handle well, have excellent grip and are extremely puncture resistant. Maybe I'll try the 5000's someday, but not today- I'm sold on my Pirelli's. Oh yeah, they cost less, too.

Reviewed 6/22/2019
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PZero has good value and quality, excellent fit
by stoph
Cycling Enthusiast
Fort Myers, FL
2 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I tried these on a lark after having used Conti GP AFs for years.

For me one top clincher is like another, and the Pirelli feels just like the Conti GPs I was using.

The upside I find is that the Pirellis are easier to get on the rim, which makes roadside flat changes a little easier.

No verdict yet on wear.

Reviewed 6/6/2019
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I love these tires
by mc
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Monica
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have ridden mostly Conti's recently, 4000's and Classics. These Pirellis outperform those in every aspect, more grip cornering, smoother roll, quieter, and faster (or, at least they feel faster). It will be tough to consider another clincher.

Reviewed 5/22/2019
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