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Pirelli PZero Velo 4S Tire

PZero Velo 4S Tire

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Extend your riding season.

Don't let the unpredictable weather that's all-too common in Fall and Winter riding keep you from racking up some miles. With the Pzero Velo 4S Tire, Pirelli drew from their years of top-level motorsports racing to develop a long-wearing, highly efficient all-weather riding tire. With the brand new SmartNET Silica™ compound developed specifically for their new line of cycling tires, Pirelli claims this highly elastic compound minimizes heat generation to lower rolling resistance, while offering natural puncture protection without additional weight. Adopting their Functional Groove Design technology from Fromula 1 racing, this four-season tire features an extra-grippy tread pattern with 3 footprint areas: a slick center, grooved bands on either side, and semi-slick edges. The grooves are deeper in the center, and taper towards the edges to funnel water away from your path of travel, increasing traction in wet weather.

The Pirelli Pzero Velo 4S Tire is available in three widths: 23mm, 25mm and 28mm. Also available as a fast rolling race tire.


  • Formula 1 heritage and technology in a cycling tire.
  • SmartNET Silica® compound provides low rolling resistance, wet grip, and puncture protection.
  • Functional Groove Designed tread pattern features three major areas for optimal grip and efficiency.
  • Ideal Contour Shaping of the tire uses CAD software to develop the most efficient footprint.
  • Claimed weight: 220 grams (25mm).

Threads Per Inch: 127 


ISO (ETRTO) Size: 622 

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Pirelli quiet and comfortable
by Anonymous

Extremely comfortable ride and visually appealing. How could you go wrong with the name Pirelli on your tires. The only challenge then I encountered is a hop in the wheel apparently in the binding of the rubber thereseems to be uneven spots which causes a slight jump. They are quiet as well.

Reviewed 8/9/2018
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Excellent Tire
by Anonymous
Minneapolis, MN

I hadn't ridden skinny tires on any of my bikes in many years. A rental bike from Maui Cyclery with 25mm tires got me stoked to step it up a notch. While I love Compass Bon Jon tires for pretty much everything, I started the search for the best all around 28mm tire. After quite the search I landed on the Pirelli PZero Velo 4s. Light enough, quite durable and loads of grip. What else could I ask for? I rode them for a bike trip to AZ and I'm impressed. Four days of riding up and down mountains and they performed exactly how I wanted them to. Yay!

Reviewed 2/23/2018
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by aih312
Competitive Racer
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I am die hard GP 2000 fan, I tried these P4 seasons to ride on the lake path when weather allowed. The lake path is littered with crap and a ton of salt. Not one nick or slice on the tread, I was shocked to be honest. I expected some cuts here and there. Handling and speed were better than expected and I would highly recommended these over GP 4 seasons. They have an amazing road feel and my times did not suffer and they dont feel heavy or slow.

Reviewed 1/13/2018
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Superior ride qualities. Tire sizes run larger than standard. Great for my aging butt.
by SF Rider
Cycling Enthusiast
SW Florida
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

The ride quality is superior to all my other 25 mm tires. The tire height profile runs larger. I bought the 28 mm sized tire and it could not fit in the SRAM red brake housing.

Reviewed 12/1/2017
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Great Tire
by Anonymous
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I love the feel and responsive nature of the tire. Long time 4000 II fan but this tire blows it away!

Reviewed 11/27/2017
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Superior ride qualities. Tire sizes run larger than standard.
by waterman
Cycling Enthusiast
SW Florida
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I bought the 28 mm with and it did not fit inside my SRAM brake assembly. The 25 mm fit and I love the quality and performance of the tires since I put them on. Only 250 miles on them so far but

Reviewed 11/7/2017
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