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Protek Cross Max 700c Tire

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Max protection.

Michelin's Protek Cross Max 700c Tire offers a 5 mm thick puncture protection layer to give you the upper hand over flat-causing road debris. The fast rolling tread pattern features a 3D cut tread pattern for optimum grip on and off road, and reflective sidewalls increase visibility for safety. Wire bead.


  • 700c x 32 mm (845 g)
  • 700c x 35 mm (950 g)
  • 700c x 40 mm (1100 g)

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Threads Per Inch: 22 TPI

Black - 700c x 32mm

Weight: 750 grams

ISO (ETRTO) Size: 35-622 

Max Pressure: 87 PSI

Black - 700c x 35mm

Weight: 850 grams

ISO (ETRTO) Size: 37-622 

Max Pressure: 87 PSI

Black - 700c x 40mm

Weight: 950 grams

ISO (ETRTO) Size: 42-622 

Max Pressure: 87 PSI

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Perfect for Riding Across Germany
by Snakebait
Cycling Enthusiast
Charlotte, NC
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Rode these across Germany's Elbe River Trail last July. Proved to be the perfect compromise tire for all road conditions encountered paved, gravel, dirt, cobblestone, concrete blocks. Good roll on smooth roads. The side corners gripped rough - as well as wet - roads extremely well. They show very little wear, after some tough abuse (roads rough enough to pop three spokes, but the tires kept on rolling). Would buy again!

Reviewed 7/5/2017
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Great hybrid tires
by BSimp
7 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I purchased these tires for my Trek DS 8.3 and I love them. Very smooth rolling but not at all harsh even at max pressure. No flats after about 500 miles either. I get great traction on the gravel trails and to top it off they look cool with the sidewall lettering and reflective strip that lights up when flashed at night.

Reviewed 5/29/2015
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Very Heavy!
by Italian5280
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

These tires are ok if you can stand the added weight. They are HEAVY, compared to my Schwalbe and Clement tires. A very noticeable weight difference when just picking up my bike.

The 5mm thick section does seem durable though - so there are pros and cons.

For me, I just can't deal with how heavy they are.

Reviewed 8/13/2017
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Great Tires All Around
by acep51
Daily Commuter
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I have had these tires on my bike for around 40 miles now and they perform great. The traction on a wet slippery road is the best I have ever had on my bike. I had a screw puncher my tire a few weeks ago and these tires sealed up and I was able to return home riding with a very small amount of air lost.

I highly recommend these tires!

Reviewed 8/20/2018
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Best Cross Tire For Your Bike-Never Get A Flat Again! Total Control!
by LACyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles, CA
11 of 17 customers found this review helpful.

This tire is the best! I put 700x32 on my road bike and converted it into an ATV.

You can go anywhere. You will never get a flat again. They are so thick between the tread and the protection layers that it's almost as thick as a car tire. You cannot pitch the tread at all its so thick. Like having 5 tire liners thick. This is the only tire so thick, you cannot pinch it.

Tread will give you some rolling resistance compared to no tread but that is the trade-off.

Grips on sand and dirt and pavement like suction cups.

Obviously not for heavy off-road riding around rocks with 700 cc wheels you are not going to do that anyway.

Super easy to install-no tools needed-seats easily and fast with finger pressure.

They are heavy though-but you can ride as I do over glass, goatheads, nails, potholes, broken roads, cracks, beach sand, sand piles, canal pavement, gravel, dirt roads etc. You will never get a flat and be in full control. Incredible stability.

Made in Taiwan-excellent quality. Country that has made some of the best bike parts and bikes for years.

I ride in Los Angeles-worst road in the USA and no problem-I am the King now-nothing on the road worries me.

Previously had Schwalbe and Victoria City 700 x 32 city tires. These Michelin Tires are far superior-no comparison.

Best of all is the little Michelin Man on the tire-it gives me comfort that I am riding with someone that is looking after my tires. Girls think he is cute too!

Reviewed 5/22/2017
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Great tires - 35's too wide for Domane SL6 front
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
Upper Midwest
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Good traction, and wear resistance. The 35mm wide version is too wide for the Trek Domane SL6 disc with the tire rubbing the frame. This is my primary winter riding tire which is good for on and off road use.

Reviewed 11/16/2018
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Great tires, even greater price
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Walnut Creek, CA
11 of 11 customers found this review helpful.

I cannot believe I just got a new one for $16, shipped. I would have liked to to last a bit longer, got about 2000 out of it. Tread had life but the sides were giving on the rear. Still, these things are awesome - I hope I don't jinx myself but never had a flat. Use them on my commute bike, and get them onto the dirt alot. Good tire for road, crappy road and fireroads. Went for the 40 this time.

Reviewed 12/21/2015
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All round tire
by Dave
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I live in idaho boise the friggin goathead capital of the usa. I havn't been uslng it long but i think its the one to give them damn goatheads the finger! Rolls well is heavy but im riding an ebike not a weight wennie road bike. Handles good in wet pave and dirt trail

Reviewed 6/29/2018
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Durable tire and it's apparent in the weight.
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
Albuquerque, NM
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I got these tires to commute to work everyday and occasionally riding off-road. They are super durable and I love the reflective sidewalls. I did go down in size from my original tires (40mm to 35mm), but these seem to run big because they are roughly the same width. For my purposes the tires are great.

Reviewed 3/22/2018
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Only one problem!
by Loud Brown
Modesto, CA
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Great tires!

I always use Michelin tires on my bike for trouble-free performance - the ones I recently bought were the 700x40 to replace my thtee-year-old City Pilot Max tires. (700x35) that had over 15K miles and ZERO flats.

As always, very easy to mount and give a pleasant, smooth ride. However, the tires are somewhat larger than the desigated 40mm. I had to remove my SKS Longboard fendes so the tires could spin freely, though the fenders stated they could accommodate up to a 40mm tire. Barely a 2mm space between the front derailleur and the crest of the tire with the fenders removed. Not a problem if I rode this bike during only the clear weather, but it's my commuter bike and the rains decided to show up late this season - and Michelin Max tires last a long time!

I'll continue to use these until the smaller width ones are back in stock and order a set of those - and put those fenders back on!

Reviewed 3/16/2018
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This is a great all-season commuter for my cross check
by BandhisSurly
Daily Commuter
North Carolina
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Paid less than $50 for a pair of 700x32s and threw them on my cross check. I primarily use these for commuting, but will take it on a gravel trail now and then. These were relatively easy to put on (especially after my conti ultra-sports that I didn't like at all).

These are fast enough to enjoy riding in dry weather and grippy enough to keep me from freaking out when it gets slippery. The tread is great for everything up to cinder trails, but I wouldn't use them for any single track.

Straight line, I love them. Cornering I have yet to push them to their limits, but I bought them specifically for commuting, and they have met or exceeded my expectations. Would buy again.

Reviewed 3/1/2018
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by Lee
Daily Commuter
Boston, MA
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I put these on my CX bike after wearing out the stock tires. I use these tires for commuting. I find them to be VERY hard (whether at 40 lbs pressure or 65 lbs pressure) and I am not confident when turning - the tires feel slippery.

Reviewed 12/6/2017
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Excellent Tire
by Anonymous
Casual Cyclist
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

This is an excellent tire. I have had other brands and none have performed as well as this Michelin Protek 700c.

I highly recommend this tire.

Reviewed 8/28/2017
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