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Top Contact II 700c Tire

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One of the most asked questions here in the past few years has been what has happened to Conti's Top Touring 2000. The Continental Top Contact II is the answer. Fast rolling slick center with large shoulder grooves for cornering traction. Vectran breaker provides incredible puncture resistance. Thick tread for long wear life. Reflective stripe on sidewall.

Available in size 700c x 28, 32, 35, 42, and 47mm sizes. 700 x 35 measures 37mm wide.

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Continental Top Contact II 700c Tire
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Our Price $47.96

Weight: 610 grams


ISO (ETRTO) Size: 37-622 mm


Max Pressure: 85 PSI


Threads Per Inch: 3 Plies/180 Total TPI


Made in: Germany 

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A seriously good tire
by Craig
Casual Cyclist
SE Michigan
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I do mostly trail riding, from gravel to asphalt with occasional dirt single track and State Park mountain bike trails. I have over 3000 miles on my current set of Top Contacts and have had no problems. When riding on asphalt roads or trails, I pump the tires up to 65 psi where they ride wonderfully on the closed center strip, and when going off road, I lower the pressure down to 30-35 psi, and the edge tread works great on the gravel and hard mud of softer trails. Have never had a flat, and the tread still looks near new. I have done 2 Michigander tours the last 2 years of 350 miles each over varying terrain and they have performed flawlessly. The little bit of extra weight is absolutely worth the durability built into this tire.

Reviewed 3/14/2018
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Durable Reliable Tire with good Ride Characteristics
by Maurice
Cycling Enthusiast
Stillwater, Minnesota
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

We used this tire (700 x 32) on our road tandem for a 2 week cycling tour through Vietnam and Cambodia. Most of the roads were uneven and pot holed pavement, some coarse gravel and a lot of compacted clay and dirt. While many other tandems and single bikes experience multiple flats on the tour, we had none! The tire provided good traction on the loose gravel, sand and dirt we encountered in many areas, yet rolled well on the smooth pavement where we could ride at speeds approaching our standard road tires. While the tires are a bit heavier than your more standard performance road tires, the extra rubber and material in the tread and sidewalls added durability that is desired when touring on rough roads in foreign countries where support may be limited. When you take into account the extra weight of a second rider plus bags with supplies and tools on the tandem, we were impressed by the durability under the heavier load.

Reviewed 2/5/2018
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Love it
by Anonymous

Best tire for bad weather i have had.

Reviewed 11/1/2018
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Awesome e-Bike tires
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I bike to work 100-150 miles a week on a Specialized Turbo e-bike. I'm running these in 42. They're wonderful. Light, comfortable, and sure footed. Had for a month or two and nothing but good things going on. Great on grass, gravel, dirt, good in the rain. Much faster and less harsh than the OEM Armadillos. And those were pretty nice tires, not knocking them at all.

Reviewed 5/29/2017
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Great tire for commuting
by PaulS
Cycling Enthusiast

Commuting to work over trails with wooden rail ties that are very slick when wet. These tires held even when leaning. After a couple months not a single bit of tread wear!

Reviewed 9/27/2018
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Excellent road tire for my 29'er.
by Hammer
Cycling Enthusiast
New Orleans

I'm running these on my older 29'er that is used almost entirely on roads and they're great. We have really horribly roads in New Orleans and they have a perfect tread pattern and have proven to be very reliable (no flats yet).

Reviewed 6/1/2018
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bad quality, bad value
by Madison_biker
Cycling Enthusiast
Madison, WI
8 of 15 customers found this review helpful.

It's a big cushy tire with good grip, long life, and good puncture resistance. I would say it has a good ride... except... after just a month and a few hundred miles, it's so out of round the wobble is surprising and really annoying except at pretty low speeds. It's also hard to get it to seat evenly on the rim.

I'd have expected better quality. At this price, forget it. I've had other Continental tires before and never had this problem to such a degree with any of them. I tried the tires on several different rims that are all very round, with which I've never had any trouble getting other tires to sit right and run true. Now they're on my commuter bike that never sees high speeds or long rides.

Where I bought 'em, they said they'd have warrantied them except I didn't bring them back quite within 30 days. Instead they sold me a set of Panaracers at a discount. They said they'd seen this problem a lot with the larger Continental touring tires.

Reviewed 3/16/2015 Comments
I'm sorry to read about your tire wobble. If there's a chance you bought this tire with us please get in touch. We can offer warranty services, refunds and store credit for all of our tires with all of our customers. Best of luck to you and your tires. -Ben
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Tough w low rolling resistance - good for touringutility use.
by Champboy
Cycling Enthusiast
Minneap MN
18 of 18 customers found this review helpful.

These are tough tires with low rolling resistance. If you have a touring or utility bike that you load down and don't want to have flats these are a good choice. They are a bit heavy but that is the tradeoff. I would rather ride my bike than fix flats. Given the toughness of these tires they have very low rolling resistance. Would I buy them again ... Well yes, these are replacemnts for the set I wore out.

Reviewed 2/3/2014
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