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Contact Plus Travel Tire 26"

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Love at first Contact.

Designed for long-lasting performance over a variety of road types and terrains, Continental's Contact Plus Tire provides exceptional puncture protection and versatile grip to make your next bike tour worry-free.

This updated version of the Contact features Continentals most popular tread design from all of their touring tires. With a smooth center rolling surface with textured shoulders, the semi-smooth tire's chevroned surface easily drives water, mud, muck, and other undesirables to the edges. Featuring Continent's SafetyPlus technology, this tire takes the SafetySystem Breaker and combines it with a highly elastic material, resulting in an extremely puncture and cut resistant casing that even lowers rolling resistance. Additionally, the SafetyPlus Breaker even meets the demands of high-speed e-bikes capable of speeds up to 50 km/h.


Weight: 900 grams


Weight: 900 grams


Application: Commuting/Urban 


RimSize: 559 mm


Width: 47 mm


ISO (ETRTO) Size: 47-559 mm


Min Pressure: 45 psi


Max Pressure: 58 psi


Threads Per Inch:  


Made in: India 

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Replacement tires for Mt bike
by Rodger
vancouver wa
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I had wide nobby tires on 2 Mt Bikes. Wanted tires to run through neighborhoods. These are great. Much better rolling and lighter in general. Nice up grade for my bikes..

Reviewed 9/18/2017
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one smooth ride
by 619mreyes
Daily Commuter
San Diego, CA

I can't believe how much these tired have improved my enjoyment of riding. Silky smooth on the asphalt. It feels like I'm years younger. They are probably a little heavier than the average commuter tire but they are reflective and they resist punctures so I'll making that trade. We finally got some rain so I'll see how it handles the wet stuff. I'm very satisfied as of today.

Reviewed 1/14/2019
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durable gravel or pavement
by John
Cycling Enthusiast

great tire for turning an old hard tail mountain bike into a gravel bike.

Reviewed 1/3/2019
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As good as reviews said it was
by bikerlarry
Casual Cyclist

I read the reviews before buying and after some research, I bought this tire. I love this tire, it's everything the reviews said, great grip and good handling even on gravel. I am very pleased with this tire!!

Reviewed 8/4/2018
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Great ride
by Anonymous
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

Needed a tire for road rides on my mtb and this really delivered a smooth, comfortable ride. No longer feel the need to purchase a road specific bike. The tires have proven capable for light trail riding as well.

Reviewed 7/24/2017
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Easy to install, great riding on asphalt, roads ands crushed gravel.
by forger
Cycling Enthusiast

Peddling on local asphalt and concrete roads is nice and smooth. Took on a couple crushed gravel, wet and dry and still had good traction. Good all around tire.

Reviewed 6/26/2018
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About as bomb proof as they get...
by Flying Fortress
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Fe, NM
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Yup...these are heavy, stiff tires. Weigh about the same as my Schwalbe Marathon Plusses. These are about as flat resistant as those are as well...none so far, and this in goat head capitol of the country. The tread is definitely a bit better for dirt roads than my Marathon Plusses as well. For street use with occasional dirt road forays, it'd be hard to go wrong with either tire, if durability and flat resistance are important to you. Not for single track use. You ride mud, get knobbies.

Reviewed 1/4/2018
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Great western city tire!
by Scott Lenz
Salt Lake City, UT
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Ive been using these for about 4 years now. I have been using a set for about a year then I pass them on to my brother who uses them for about another year. I use slime tubes and they usually last the whole year as well. The protection against goat head thorns is superior! Best tire I have found for commuting in SLC.

Reviewed 11/27/2017
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Surprising combination of desirable qualities
by RicOdo
Cycling Enthusiast
14 of 14 customers found this review helpful.

I ordered a pair of these to replace the knobby tires that came with my MTB. Had no problems with mounting, barely had to use levers at all. It was late, and scheduling and weather were such the next few days that I had to wait to try them out. When time and weather allowed, I took a bike trip. Man, was I surprised at the huge difference between using the bike with the former knobbies and now with these Continental Country Plus tires! The effort in taking hills was dramatically reduced, and on level stretches, the tread design seemed to make the bike feel almost self-propelled.

I got the tires because I wanted something that had a sturdy build weight and durability with a tread that would facilitate easy, rapid roll on streets and still have enough tread design to handle cornering that may not be severe, but will need to project confidence at higher speeds. I have not been disappointed in tire travel and traction performance, and have had no problems with road debris, air loss, or flats as of yet. I especially wanted to buy a tire that had anti-flat properties, and this tire has a hefty weight and sturdy build with some puncture prevention built in, and this tire has all of those qualities. The material forming the tread seems to have this magic ability to both hug the road for grip and roll fluently for speed, a pleasantly surprising combination. Since I ride a little past dusk into early night, the reflective trim on the sides are a nice touch for visibility and safety. I had people commenting on how much they liked the bike before the tire switch, but now they comment on how much they like the way the new tires look, too.

The website said the tire size was 26x1.95, but what was on the tires that were shipped was 26x1.9. Five one-hundredths of an inch I'm not sure makes any substantive difference. I have them inflated to just barely under 60 psi, and have been fighting the urge to go to a little over 60 psi. I waited until I had some road time on them before reviewing, and now after experience I can say that I've been quite happy with the tire. Thumbs up.

Reviewed 12/29/2015
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Turn your MTB into a long-coasting commuter and explorer with these badboys.
by veloreb
Casual Cyclist
Northern Virginia
9 of 9 customers found this review helpful.

I tested these on a long stretch of asphalt-paved multi-use path (namely the Warrenton Branch Greenway) with little need to worry about vehicle traffic. These tires rolled and rolled without much input from the pedals. When they say these tires have low rolling resistance, they mean it. Puncture protection is a big plus though it makes the tire look and feel bulkyheavy. Nevertheless, an excellent all-rounder for pavement, gravel, hard-packed dirt.

Reviewed 6/28/2015
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Great tire!
by J Cox
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

These tires mounted easily. They feel good riding. I've only been riding them for a month but no problems with flats so far, I live in the southwest with thorns everywhere.

Reviewed 3/21/2017
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Great smooth ride
by Bob
Cycling Enthusiast
Walla Walla, wa
2 of 9 customers found this review helpful.

No complaints

Reviewed 1/2/2014
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smooth ride. easy install
by Pappy
Casual Cyclist
St. Louis
3 of 9 customers found this review helpful.

great, high quality. Easy installation

Reviewed 12/16/2013
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Excellent tire for trails or country/urban obstacles
by TyAllred
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA
18 of 19 customers found this review helpful.

The tire is stout and thick. It looks inflated even with it is not. I have great confidence in it's puncture resistance. The high visibility paint on the sides make me more comfortable in the early mornings.

I'm a clydesdale rider coming in at 250 and they handle it well. I've done 100 miles of dirt trails and 250 miles on the roads so far and couldn't be happier.

Finally a tire with high visibility, real puncture protection, low rolling resistance and hybrid ability!

Reviewed 9/19/2013
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Good tire.
by t-b0ne
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, Cascadia
19 of 20 customers found this review helpful.

I picked up a set of these tires last week to replace my badly-worn tires, so as you could imagine, anything is a step up from that! But this tire handles well. I went with the 1.9 width and have both front and rear set 50psi. It handles very well on my 15 mile roundtrip commute and hasn't had a flat (yet). Trust me, they would've gone flat by now if it didn't have any sort of protection (been there, done that on the route I normally commute). The reflective stripe is great for commuting during darker hours, increasing your visibility to otherwise absent-mindedoblivious vehiclists.

The only downside is that they're definitely on the heavier side, but the slick profile provides for smooth rolling, and the fattiness of the tire provides for some shock absorption, which is very nice. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this tire.

Reviewed 12/7/2012
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