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Dan's Dirty Kanza Extravaganza

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This is Dirty Kanza.

DK - 200 miles - no support from the organizers and minimal water stops on flint rock gravel roads. Known to be absolutely destructive to bikes, tires, and riders alike. Typical ride times are between 16 and 20 hours. Kanza is a long hot day that doesn't get any better. The area surrounding Emporia, Kansas is not flat with rolling hills as far as the eye can see. You go up, down, and back up again. Kanza demands your attention, your complete and undivided attention, all day and all night. Pick your line wisely to avoid the big chunky rocks that cut side walls.

Hydration is key in the heat and you can't drink too much water. I carried 3 bottles and a camelbak to ensure I had plenty of fluids. Using Hammer Perpetuum for carbohydrates and NUUN for eletrolytes, I did my best to drink about every 5 minutes. Luckily there were aid stations along the way to restock and refill.

Time passes slowly out there underneath the glaring sun, but the darkness sets in quickly. These hours are spent in solitude - lights ahead, lights behind. The prairies of Kansas are dark like nothing I've experienced before. As the night goes on, I come upon an outpost of light. There is a chaise lounge and a camera crew to remind me of civilization. Naturally, I grabbed a photo before carrying on the remaining 20 miles.

It's nearly midnight and supporters still line the roadside. Back to Emporia, back to civilization. I take a few more turns and then I'm back on tarmac with bike and body intact. This is where it all began 19 hours, 15 minutes, and 57 seconds ago. Jim Cummings, the race organizer is still at the finish and has handed nearly every rider their finisher badge. He drapes mine over my helmet and around my neck.

This was Dirty Kanza.

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