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Haibike Article

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If you love a good day out on the trails, but hate the uphill climb, Haibike can get you there and back again. We're proud to stock several models of e-mountain and urban bikes with powerful center-drive Bosch and Yamaha motors. These bikes can handle the same terrain as their non-motorized counterparts, thanks to lightweight, silent bash-guarded motor assists, and geometry that perfectly balances the battery and motor in the middle of the bike. Looking for high-end suspension and a robust frame design? The cutting edge Bosch e-Performance equipped XDURO with high bottom bracket clearance will get you up and over rock gardens, or pedal up the path on an SDURO with its Yamaha PW system- one of the few able to handle a dual chainring setup.

Prefer to cruise around the city without breaking a sweat? Commute to your heart's content on an Urban Plus: Equipped with the COBI Smart Connect system, this bike connects to your mobile phone to power a charge and link you to the latest weather, ride and navigation data, tunes for the ride home, and more. Complete with fenders, a rear rack, front and rear lights, a kickstand, and an integrated anti-theft system, this ride will get you home without sitting in rush hour traffic, and there's plenty of room to pick up a few things on the way.

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