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Ride Faraday Payment Plan

Ride Faraday Payment Plan

Dreaming of owning an e-bike, but can't afford the steep price tag? We recognize that e-bikes are opening up everyday cycling to everyone, and we decided to partner with a company who shares our values. Enter Faraday Bicycles, winner of the 2011 Oregon Manifest challenge to design the ultimate urban utility bike. The powerful electric pedal assist gets you where you need to go with less effort, and commute-friendly features like the Gates belt drive, front and rear racks, and LED lighting ensures that you'll arrive safely in style, minus the sweat.

Faraday's CEO, Adam Vollmer, is adamant about making e-bike ownership as accessible, easy, and risk-free as possible: Faraday Bicycles is currently the only e-bike company to offer a payment plan direct to the consumer. With flexible interest plan from 12-36 months, interest rates varying from 0%-14.99%, and no down payment, owning a Faraday is as easy as buying a cell phone, and cheaper than a new car. The Porteur S and Cortland S models can be yours for as little as $87 monthly, or go big with their top-of-the-line Porteur and Cortland and customize your bike with a Brooks saddle, color-matched cargo rack, and Spurcycle bell. We've had too much fun testing Faradays around the neighborhood, but don't worry- we brought them back for you to try out! Stop by and take one for a spin...you won't believe where this bike can take you.

Browse our collection of Faraday bikes here, and learn more about Faraday payment plan options here.