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5 Reasons You Need An E-Bike

1. Go farther, faster.

"I'd bike there if only..." Sound familiar? If you're limited by mobility issues, have a long route to travel, or just need to get to work by 9 am, an e-bike can help you get over your hesitation, in the saddle, and out on the road. In the U.S., most pedal assist e-bikes top out at 20 miles per hour, and can't exceed that based on motor power alone. To get the most out of your experience, look for a bike with an adjustable pedal assist. You'll still be human powered...just with a bit of extra help. Think of it as a strong tailwind all the way home on a breezy day, with that effortless feeling of cruising along.

2. Ditch the car commute.

Want to get to work without sitting in traffic all day? Throw the laptop into a backpack or pannier and hop on an e-bike. You'll save some money on gas and avoid the stress of driving and parking. Biking to work can be relaxing and fun, especially with a pedal assist that gets you there in time to sip coffee and catch up on emails before meetings.

3. Hills? No sweat.

If you don't have the luxury of carrying extra clothes or changing at work, don't worry! An e-bike will get you there looking cool, collected, and ready for that 9 am presentation. Need a bit of help getting over a bridge, out to the trails, or heading home at the end of a long day? Flip on the pedal assist and cruise steadily without breaking a sweat.

4. Exercise endorphins = smiles for miles.

It's a proven fact that exercise releases endorphins, our body's natural makes-you-feel-good chemicals. Since you're always pedaling on an e-bike, you'll get just enough moderate exercise to stay in that happy place where you boost your metabolism and mood.

5. Live life on two wheels.

Need to pick up the kids at school or lug home 50 pounds of dog food? Headed out to the farmers' market or meeting a friend for dinner? Load up on options like child seats, custom racks, and LED lighting on your e-bike, and you'll be ready to ditch four wheels for two in no time!

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