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Cycling Trainers

A trainer is a device that allows you to use your standard road or mountain bike indoors and get a good workout while staying warm and dry during those dark days of winter. It's also a great tool for warming up before a race.

A trainer works by clamping the rear wheel with skewers, holding the wheel off of the ground. A drum presses against the rear wheel to provide resistance while you pedal, just as the road and wind do when you ride outdoors. The front wheel is generally propped up to the same level as the rear using a block of wood, a phone book, or the front wheel riser block that we sell. You can also adjust the front wheel height higher to simulate riding uphill and stress slightly different muscles-check out the Climbing Block.

There are a variety of trainers available. The biggest difference between them is the form of resistance that is used, and how this resistance changes with effort.

If you have any additional questions regarding indoor training, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-651-4050 or