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How and When to Use Chamois Cream

Chamois cream: you may have heard of it, wondered what it was, or been too embarrassed to ask. We're here to tell you that when it comes to your riding comfort, no topic is taboo.

Back in the day before modern materials like synthetic fiber and foam, cycling shorts were lined with a leather pad made from the skin of a chamois goat. The natural oils in the leather would wear out over time, and chamois cream was invented to keep the leather supple and free of cracks. Modern cycling garments use different types of padding now, but chamois cream is still used to decrease friction and keep riders comfortable. When you're trying out new shorts with a different seam placement, getting back in the saddle after a long hiatus, or increasing road mileage, your skin can become irritated by the increase in pressure and friction.

To apply chamois cream, make sure you cover all the important areas: any area that experiences chafing, like the thigh, groin, and soft tissue. You can apply some to the pad in your shorts for good measure, and don't hesitate to use a good amount. Like sunscreen, you'll want full and even coverage. After your ride, it's important to wash off, so that skin can breathe. Many chamois creams have antibacterial properties and herbal ingredients, and some even have a cooling or tingling sensation. There's plenty of options out there, so find the one that makes you the most comfortable. Now get out there and ride!

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